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Too often we all try and be hereos when we’re sick. We keep chugging along,
working hard and don’t stop to let our bodies rest! Why is this so

There are a couple of REALLY good reasons you should rest when you’re sick.

Firstly your body needs to fight the bug and to do so it needs rest!

Secondly don’t think by soildering on you’re helping any one else
out. By going to work when you’re sick you are only spreading your germs
and making others around you sick. So if you’re not well stay home and
get over it!

I wish the guy on my flight last week had taken the above advice. On
my last trip on my first flight of the day we had a man throwing up all
over the place (nice start to the day!). He blamed it on the seafood he
ate the night before although now I’m starting to think he had Gastro.

On Thursday lunch time one of my crew members started feeling sick
and spent most of the flight in the toilet. I wasn’t feeling too flash
either so we thought we must have eaten something funny on the aircraft
the day before. Lucky for me I made it to my hotel room in Brissie
before I spent the rest of the afternoon/night in the bathroom. I must
say it’s not nice being sick away from home!!!!! Anyway I assumed it was
just food poisoning and hopefully by the morning (3am) I’d be ok to fly

The next morning I still felt a bit average but wasn’t vommiting
anymore so I thought I’d make it home ok. I did, and I kinda felt ok on
Saturday and even went to the gym, moved the lawns and picked up Cam
from the airport.

Although after spending all weekend with Cam he’s gone back to
Mackay only to end up really sick with Gastro and hasn’t been back to
work yet! I feel so bad as obviously I made him sick. I didn’t realise
it was Gastro and if I’d known I would have hidden myself away at home
but instead I was out spreading my germs around.

Yesterday and today I’ve still been feeling a bit average (I think I
over did it on the weekend) so I’ve been hanging at home resting up.

So if you ever feel guilty for resting up when you’re sick, don’t!
As you’re doing the rest of us a big favour by staying home and getting
over it.

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Cheers, Hilds

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