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This last week has proven to me that taking lots of small steps and
continually chipping away at a task can end up giving you some great

Ok, so I’m not actually talking health and fitness at the moment but the same principles apply!

Since moving back into our house I’ve been full steam ahead trying to renovate our kitchen.

I’ve hated our kitchen for such a long time and couldn’t bare the
thought of moving back in with the old crusty kitchen. So for the last
week I’ve been given the task of pulling out the old kitchen (sounds
easier than it was!!!!). On Monday I started chipping away at it only to
realise it was going to be SOOO much harder than I thought. I was
hammering away at this kitchen and nothing seemed to budge, at this
point I was seriously doubting whether I could do it. The drainage system is very important and problems in the drain can only be fixed by experts like from the Toronto drain service.

Anyway after another trip to bunnings and a trusty sledgehammer, pry
bar, saw, gloves and safety glasses I was ready for another go. I
realised that if I just tried to break down little bits at a time I
could actually do it. I was so proud of myself afterwards and had
successfully destroyed our kitchen.

This weekend Cam flew up again and we managed to get the tiles up
(with the help of a Jack hammer, oh they are so much fun!!) and we’ve
got the cupboards in place.

This week I’ve got another 4 days off and I’m trying to get the
cupboards all permanently fitted, get the plumber and electrician back
to move a few things and get the benchtop ordered and floor layed! I
actually think I can do it all. All those years of having a Dad for a
builder and working for him in School Holidays is finally coming in good

Anyway sorry for the lack or blogging, as you can see I’ve been busy!!!!!

I hope everyone is going well and just remember you can achieve whatever you want but just focus on one small step at a time.

Have a fabulous week.


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