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ENJOYING YOUR FITNESSIt seems many people are obsessed with trying to do the perfect exercise to burn fat and increase fitness.

Should I do Interval Training or a slow jog, is it better to swim, run or walk??

Sometimes we can get so caught up with trying to do the right thing
that we simply don’t do ANYTHING! At the end of the day any activity is
better than nothing and what’s even better is finding something you

Some people think I’m a nut, I’m always off doing some kind of
exercise and more than the average jo (which isn’t much these days!!).
BUT, I do it because I love it, well I love the feeling I get from it. I
love nothing more than getting back from a run or RPM class feeling all
pumped up or hitting the weights and feeling fit and strong.

For sure sometimes I don’t feel like exercising but I’ve been doing
it for long enough now to know that I feel a million dollars afterwards.

Today for example I’ve been up since 3am and I finish work at
11:45am and at 12:30 I’m off to an RPM class. Why? Because I know it
will make me feel fantastic, for sure going to the coffee shop and
downing a few cappuccinos sounds more appealing but it won’t leave me
feeling too great.

So instead of focusing on the right thing to do, just do something!
Go for a walk with some friends, try a different gym class, just get out
there and get active.

So stop contemplating and start doing and you will feel amazing!

Have a great day!


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