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I'm so happy!I’m finally back in Cairns and I’m LOVING IT!!!! I knew I missed this place
but can’t believe how much happier I am simply being back here. I might
not have much furniture & the house is a bit of a shambles but I’m
loving it, so, so good to be back.

(will be even better when I have my hubby here too!)

I suppose being back makes my life so much easier, I don’t have to
commute to work anymore and I can enjoy just pottering around my own
home again.

So Sunday arvo I left Mackay and flew up to Cairns to get myself all
set up. I was kinda hoping to have Monday off but no such luck and I
had to get up at 3:30am for an early flight! So after flying in late
Sunday and sleeping for a big 3 hours I was back at work (flying) for 8
hours. Geez was I tired Monday afternoon although I still managed to
force myself up my favourite hill for a great 50min powerwalk and truly
felt like I was home!

So today I have a day off and have a MASSIVE list of things to do!
First up is getting some new clients programs finished. It’s so good to
see people still getting stuck into a program before Chrissy. I think
once you realise you can still enjoy a few treats over Chrissy and it
doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”, starting a health and fitness
program doesn’t seem that daunting.

Then I’m off to Bunnings (oh how I love Bunnings). I’ve got some
serious renovation plans in place and I’m ready to start getting some
tools and getting stuck into it!

I’ve got a hair appointment this arvo which is LONG overdue and then I might hit the gym (at home, yehaa!) for a leg workout.

Anyway time to get out of my sweaty gym gear, managed to knock of a 90 min slow jog this morning and I’m feeling great.

Have a fabulous day!


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