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Eilean Donan Castle We’re home, well kind of not quite sure where home is at the moment but we are back in Oz!

We had an absolutely amazing time although it wasn’t what you would
call a relaxing holiday. I’ve never experienced Jet Lag before but it’s
not nice. Cam and I have been waking up at all hours and I’ve never
wanted to sleep so much, ever.

Anyway onto the good stuff, the holiday!!!  It started with a trip
up to Cairns for a friend’s wedding, which was just gorgeous, then the
long flight to the UK, which isn’t too much fun when you’ve had a few
too many drinks the night before and eaten way too much party food!

We had 2 weeks in the UK and thanks to our little Ford Fiesta and
Cam’s fabulous driving skills (plus my navigational skills were pretty
dam good too) we saw a lot of England, Wales and Scotland.

After flying in to Heathrow airport we headed straight for Wales as
Cam wanted to be in the Brecon Beacons for his 40th birthday. We stayed
in a great place and the next day we headed off to climb up Mt Pen Y Fan
(the highest mountain in Wales, just what I wanted to do 4 days before
the marathon, he, he). It was a great day and we made it to the top
although as the fog set in I could understand how easy it would be to
get badly lost, we actually nearly went off track although after some
sensible decisions we decided to back track and go back the same way we
came! (Brecon Beacons photos are the foggy pics below).

After Wales we headed towards the Lake District which would have to
be one of my favourite spots. It’s so beautiful and the B&B’s are
just amazing! I wouldn’t mind going back and doing a few of their
walking tracks next time.

Next stop was Scotland – Loch Lomond National park. We ended up
arriving late and found a great B&B which turned out to be run by
the McGregor’s which just happens to be the clan that Cam comes from
(Cameron Sean McGregor Dempster).

By now we were on a mission to get up to Inverness in time for the
Marathon. We started early and stopped off at Hadrian’s Wall and drove
the Marathon track into Inverness. This day the weather was miserable
and I was starting to doubt whether the Marathon would even take place
(check out the pic below of me getting blown away, this is near the
start of the Marathon track).

We made it to Inverness early afternoon and we met up with the 11
other crazy Aussies who wanted to run in Scotland. We stayed at these
great cottages about 30 minutes out of Inverness. It was such a great
atmosphere and made the whole experience so much more fun having a group
of us (thanks Nettie for organizing it all!).

The next day was the Marathon! Oh how I had been hanging out for
this day to come. After months of running and preparing for the
marathon, it was here. I was tired, I had been on the go but I was all
fired up to do this thing. I’m so glad now that I had Phoebe and Mark to
share the experience with as I don’t think it would have been as much
fun without them! That night we all celebrated and it was so good to see
a group of people so very happy with their achievements. It makes
setting a goal and working towards it, all worthwhile.

Waking up the next day I was a little stiff but not too bad. If
anything I was more frustrated with my body than anything else, for
months I had trained hard and I’d achieved my goal “I’d run a marathon”
although I wasn’t feeling as good as I should have. I was annoyed that
on the day my body didn’t work how I wanted it to and it kind of took
away from the happiness I should have been feeling. Two weeks on, I’m
happy and proud although at the time I just felt frustrated. Maybe I
need to learn not to be quite as hard on myself and appreciate how far I
have come (I’ll get there one day!)

After the Marathon we had a few days in the cottages so we did some
things around Inverness. We went on a Loch Ness Boat Cruise, visited
Urquhart Castle, drove up to the Isle of Skye and had lots of drinks and
pub food along the way.  (Oh and some work in there too!).

On the way back down into England we stopped off at Glen Coe which
is an amazing spot. The landscape is just stunning, it was definitely
Cam’s favourite spot and we could have spent a lot longer there.

Then we were back into England and stopped off in the Yorkshire
Dales before a very quick trip down to Paignton beach. Let’s, just say
there beaches aren’t quite the same as Aussie beaches!

So after 2 weeks of madly driving around the UK we were ready for a
bit of RnR in Thailand! We had 3 nights in Thailand and got to spend
lots of time Cam’s folks. We visited some great restaurants and found
even more reasons to keep going back.

So that’s about it. We’re back in Mackay although have just packed
up a trailer load of goodies so I can move back into the house in Cairns
(not looking forward to the long drive tomorrow!) Cam won’t be far
behind as it looks like his transfer will come through about Chrissy
time. I can’t believe we will finally be back in Cairns, I’m so

I’ll be back again soon and hopefully reporting on how good my training is going coz at the moment I’m being a lazy bum!

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments. I’ve
been a bit overwhelmed and it makes all the hard work worthwhile (I hope
my crazy goals make you realise you can also achieve yours!). Sorry I
haven’t replied individualy to everyone.

EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

Hilds & Cam (Jason & Michelle's wedding) Getting to the top of Mt Pen Y Fan Brecon Beacons National Park Hilds feeling a bit cold and wet Top of Mt Pen Y Fan - Cam talking to his Mum for his 40th Nettie & Graham The Lake District Coming down! The Qantas Crew The day before the Marathon (cold, windy and wet) Urquart Castle Claichag Inn - Glen Coe Mmmm warm Pub! Claichag Inn - Glen Coe It's a beach, well somewhere???

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