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Hey there!

Sorry it’s been a while, life has been just a little bit crazy these
last few weeks. Today I’m finally feeling like I might get on top of

So much has been happening, so many new clients, which is exciting. I
think the thought of putting that bikini on is becoming a reality and
it’s motivating a lot of people to get back into shape. Can you believe
there is only 14 weeks until Chrissy!

I’m back in Mackay and I’ve finally had a chance to catch up with my
hubby and plan our holiday, considering it’s less than 2 weeks away I
was feeling a little bit disorganised. So flights & car are all
booked & we are just going to organise accomodation once we are over
there as we don’t want to be stuck into set plans.

Next Thursday I’ll be heading up to Cairns for a little 2 day trip,
back into Cairns on Saturday (just in time to go to a friends wedding).
Cam will be heading up to Cairns on Friday and then it’s off to the
wedding on Saturday and flying to London on Sunday! I’m getting excited

Only rough plans for the holiday at this stage. Cam’s 40th Birthday
is on the Tuesday and he wants to be in the Brecon Beacons (and I have a
strange feeling I’ll be climbing up a mountain that day!!!). Then we
will make our way up to Inverness to meet up with everyone else. There
is a mixture of marathon runners, 10km runners, spectators and
drinkers!!!! I’d love to be the later but for some crazy reason I
decided to do the marathon (although I’m sure I’ll be fitting in a few
bevies afterwards).

So between lots of new clients, organising our holiday plus trying
to pack up my stuff for moving back to Cairns, I’ve been a little busy.
Oh yeah, and the fact that I’m still trying to fit all my running in!
The good thing is the running is starting to taper back a bit now, which
is nice because I’m sooooo over it!

Anyway I’ve just finished a great weight routine and I’m ready for my coffee and oats.

Have a great day everyone!

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Go check out Women’s Health and Fitness Mag – Liz’s is in this edition and looks sensational!!!!!

(if you get a copy stay away from the Betty Baxters shake included,
just check out what the ingredients are: AMAZING, but more on that

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