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Sometimes we can underestimate the importance our diet plays in getting results!

I find it’s quite common to find regular exercise or eating well
easier than the other. Yes, there are some people out there that seem to
find both relatively easy but most of us  we seem to struggle at one or
the other.

I know for me training is not a problem. I can easily find ways to
fit in my training and rarely go for too long without exercising.
Whereas my nutrition is a different story, I find if I have a very
specific goal to work towards I’m great although when the goal is simply
maintenance I can easily go off track!

Why is this? Well I know when I exercise I feel great, I get an
instant buzz from exercise, it’s like my little happy pill. So even
though I might want to be lazy and miss a session I find that 99% of the
time I’ll find a way to motivate myself and I’ll get out there and do
it anyway. Why? Because I know how good I will feel afterwards.

Whereas my nutrition can be a struggle, I know what to eat and what
makes me feel good although sometimes the pure pleasure of indulging

This wouldn’t be too bad if it was just occasionally although when I
have a few days in a row of including too many treats and basically
just eating too much I don’t feel good.  The problem is it normally
takes a few days to realize how bad I do feel and by then the damage is

So why am I writing this? I wanted people to know I’m “normal”, for
sure I may not miss many training sessions but that doesn’t mean I don’t
struggle. Since I’ve been training for this marathon I’ve found my
nutrition has most probably got worse instead of better. I’ve been so
focused on following my training plan that I’ve let my nutrition slip a
little. I might be running 50-60km a week but I don’t have the type of
body that lets me eat whatever I want and get away with it. So as my
training has got harder a lot more treats have crept in, you can try and
justify it by telling yourself your training hard but at the end of the
day if you are overeating, you will gain fat!!!

What I am also trying to get across is that it is important to have a
goal and stick to that goal. If fat loss is your primary goal then you
will need to make sure your nutrition is reflecting your goal, whereas
if you are trying to run a marathon your nutrition needs to be focused
on fueling yourself with GOOD quality carbs and providing your body with
enough energy to train effectively.

When you try and mix different goals together, for example fat loss
and training for a marathon you will end up doing pretty average at
both. Focus on one goal and make that your priority!

So anyway I’ve kicked myself up the butt and cleaned up my
nutrition, no more excuses (I really don’t need cake to make me run
further, he, he!). So life may be hard at the moment and I’ve had no
resemblance of a routine but I can make things work if I want to. My
last trip was a good example of this, in two days I got offered carrot
cake, lindt chocolate cake, chocolate coated macadamia nuts, toblerone
(many, there were so many left over), connoissuer chocolate (to die for)
icecream & I even had chocolate mints on my hotel room pillow! I
managed to say no to all of it and packed all my own food and I’m
feeling so much better for it!

I’ve been away for over a week now and tonight I actually get to
spend a second night in the same town, yehaa, It’s so nice not to have
to pack my bags for just one day. One more week to go and I’ll be home
for nearly two weeks, bring on a routine and home cooked meals!!!

Hope everyone is going great & remember whatever your downfall may be even just a few small changes each week will help!

Cheers, Hilds

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