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ADELAIDE ASICS HALF MARATHONI’ve run my very first Half Marathon!

Right now I’m feeling very lethargic and a little sore after my big
effort this morning. I managed to do the Half Marathon in 1:55mins and
39secs, well that’s according to my stop watch, not quite sure what my
official time is but really don’t care as my stopwatch says I did it
under 2hrs which was my ultimate goal!

My trainer http://www.patcarroll.com.au/

had given me the goal of sub 2hrs which I thought would be a BIG
challenge for me and was really surprised that I did it! It took a lot
of mental encouragement, I was continually telling myself I could do it
and was very determined.

I started early this morning, getting up at 5am after a restless
nights sleep. I then munched down lots of raisin toast and had a coffee
to get me going and waited nervously to start, thank god I had my older
sister with me to organize me.  We got to the start nice and early and I
think I went to the toilet another 3 times before I had to start (would
have gone more if the line wasn’t so big, not that I needed to go but
the nerves had set in!).

Just before the start I realized I didn’t have my sony music player
and that a lot of runners were running with ipods. I’d planned not to
run with music as I didn’t think others would but after seeing everyone
with ipods I wanted mine so badly. My gorgeous sister had to do a mad
dash back to the hotel to get mine, and thank god she did as I really
don’t think I would have made it through without it. It was quite funny
as she only got back to the start about 30 seconds before we left and I
was soooo happy to see her.

Anyway the weather was good, nice and cool and just a light bit or
rain throughout. I managed to find my pace after a few km’s and was
tagging along with another runner who was planning to finish in about
1:50, although after the first 11kms I lost him as I just couldn’t keep
up the pace. So anyway it was hard, but I suppose it wouldn’t be a half
marathon if it wasn’t hard (most probably one of the hardest physical
things I have ever done).  The run was made a bit easier having my
sister, uncle and Mum and Dad cheer me on and surprise me at various
spots along the track. Dad managed to get way too many pictures of me
running, so if I can find any good ones out of the 180 or so he took
I’ll post them up here (not a big fan of pictures of myself sometimes!).

Poor Cam couldn’t make it as he has a training course in Townsville
at the moment although my sister gave him a running commentary of the

And to top it off I won a $200 ASICS shoe voucher!!!! It’s a bugger I
just bought a new pair last weekend (although can never have enough

It’s such a relief to know I’ve done it and can chill out now. I’ve
also decided that I want to enjoy the Loch Ness Marathon (as much as you
can enjoy a Marathon) and don’t really care how long it takes me!!!!!!

Anyway I’m off to go sit in the spa and pool for a bit and soothe
these sore feet of mine, then the girls are all coming down to the Bay
and it’s drink time (I think I deserve one!).

Have a lovely weekend.

Love, Hilds

P.S Sorry no glamour shots while running! The one below is funny as
it looks like I’m dancing, I must have liked the song that was playing
glad I had my music player!

EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

STRUGGLING I think I'm dancing!

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