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Mmmm Coffee! That’s what I need this morning and lots of it!!!

I’m off to Adelaide today as I’ve got the Adelaide Half Marathon on
this Sunday. I was feeling very excited although after my big run on
Sunday have been feeling a bit worse for wear. I don’t know if I picked
up a bit of a lurgy or running in the heat and not enough fluids really
took it’s toll (my own sill fault!!!! I can be a bit stubborn some

Anyway the plan was to go down to Adelaide on a nice respectable
flight (not the first flight out for the day), although as I travel on
standby (the joys of Staff Travel) I had to change my plans late last
night. I thought I better check the loads as last night only to discover
the flight I was trying to get on had no seats left! So last minute
change of plans and I booked onto the 7am flight out of Mackay. I can’t
believe how hard it is to get in and out of this town sometimes, I can’t
wait until I can fly in and out of Cairns, so many more options. Anyway
the plan is to travel around Australia today and end up in Adelaide at
some stage.

I’m a bit frustrated as the early flight means I’ve missed my run
this morning and I don’t think I’ll be able to play catch up (I haven’t
missed one running session so far ( a whole 14 weeks, 6 to go!).

So the plan is to catch up with a girlfriend tonight and then my
lovely sister has left me her car (although it comes with some bonus
kids!) so I’ll head up to Mum & Dad’s and pick up my niece and
nephew from school.  I’m actually really looking forward to seeing them
as I haven’t spent much time with the kids for a while now. We will all
be hanging out at Nan & Pops and most probably making pizza’s for
dinner, all having a sleepover (doesn’t it sound like so much fun!) and
then spoiling Nana on Saturday as it’s her Birthday.

Saturday should be a fun day as my sister is getting some spunky photos taken (Dad’s a photographer)

She’s finally taken my advice (only after years of me trying) and
been exercising regularly, eating well and in turn she is feeling
fantastic and rewarding herself with some photos. So I’ll be there to
help her out and make sure she has lots of fun in the process.  She’s
actually spoilt me and booked us a room on the beach down at Glenelg for
Sat & Sun night. It’s girls only and should be heaps of fun!!!

Then on Sunday I’m doing the Half Marathon,  geez I’m getting nervous just thinking about it!

I’ll most probably hang around in Adelaide on Monday then up to
Cairns on Tuesday, Hobart on Wednesday, back to Cairns for the weekend
and then down to Sydney next week and in another 14 days I’ll be home
again.  I wonder what it’s like to have a routine??? How easy would that

Anyway better go as my flight should be boarding soon!

Will be back soon with an update.

Have a great day.


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