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Sometime we forget to take a step back and appreciate how far we have come.

Today I had to remind myself not to be so hard on myself and appreciate just where I have come from.

This morning I set out on my 3 hour run, I headed off a bit later
than planned and it was hot! I had a goal in my head that I wanted to do
30km, I managed 29.4km, close but not quite the 30! Anyway as I was
doing my last hour I was struggling and really dragging my feet. I was
so close to stopping as I knew I hadn’t drank enough water, my carbs had
run out and I was just struggling. I started to get annoyed at myself
but then I remembered, I had been running for over 2 hours!!!! That’s a
huge achievment for me, never in my wildest dreams did I think that one
day I’d be able to run for 3 hours and now I’m doing it.

The last couple of weeks I’ve got a bit caught up in trying to
improve my pace, running faster and finishing in a certain time,
although today was a reminder for me to take a step back and remember my
original goal. To run a Marathon, that’s it! Not be some speed demon or
finish in a particular time i just want to say I’ve successfully run a

I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a fast runner, I
don’t really have a runners build but I know that I do have a hell of
alot of determination and I WILL FINISH WHAT I’VE STARTED!

So here I am feeling absolutley shattered, but quietly proud of what I have achieved so far.

Only another week and I’ll be running my very first race, the Adelaide Asics Half Marathon, HOW EXCITING!

Anyway time for some serious relaxation and time with my wonderful
hubby (he’s my biggest supporter and seriously helps keep me going!).

Have a fabulous Sunday!


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