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Thanks everyone for all of the Birthday messages!

I had a fantastic weekend and was nicely spoilt by my wonderful hubby.

Cam came up to Cairns on Friday to spend the weekend with me. I only
had a couple of days off in between trips so it was easier for him to
come up to Cairns rather than me trying to get home, plus I just love

We spent the weekend soaking up the glorious weather, it’s this time
of year you really appreciate living in the Tropical North and it makes
the wet season seem all worth it!

I managed to get my long run out of the way early on Friday so I
could really enjoy my weekend. Cam & I got to catch up with so many
friends we hadn’t seen for a long time and just had the best time!

My birthday was on Sunday and I woke up feeling a little seedy after
having a few too many vodkas on Saturday night, plus a couple of yummy
Mojito’s thrown in there as well. Although i’d promised myself I
wouldn’t miss a run, so feeling a little worse for wear I forced myself
out and got my hour jog out of the way! I’ve learnt that as much as I
might not want to do it, doing some cardio after a few drinks the night
before actually makes me feel so much better. Although I can’t say the
same for Cam, I haven’t seen him that seedy for a while (very funny,
although he didn’t think so!)

So the day started out on a high (I always get such a buzz from
exercise), and knowing my training had been done for the day I was free
to truly relax for the rest of the day.

I’m starting to get really excited now as it’s not too far away and
I’ll be moving back to Cairns! I just can’t wait to have a base again
and try and have some kind of routine.

Anyway I’m still not home as I had to head to Sydney today for a
training course tomorrow and then if all goes to plan I’ll be home on

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Stay tuned for Liz’s amazing transformation story and pics!!!! Wow, did she do an amazing job!

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