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I’m still here but just been a litle busy lately! I’m actually sitting in
Adelaide at the moment about to have an early night as I’ve got another
3:30am wakeup!

I’m just away on a 3 day trip at the moment. Yesterday I was in
Canberra and it was sooooo cold. I seriously don’t know how anyone can
live there, I just love the sunshine too much! So after an early start
yesterday i got into Canberra and it was freezing and raining and I had
to do my 1:20min jog. I was all set to brave the cold until I saw the
rain so the treadmill became my best friend for the next 1:20 minutes! I
forgot how boring the treadmill can be, I’ve been doing all my running
outside and it’s so much nicer. Anyway got it done and felt quite
shattered afterwards, 4 hrs sleep and a big run can make a girl a bit

I did actually manage to get home on the weekend and see my gorgeous
hubby for a couple of days! While I was home I re-discovered a my
passion for baking! Mainly cakes and yummy stuff but I forgot how much I
enjoy it (used to do it all the time as a kid). On the weekend I made
the best scones and ate far too many. Although I was testing out my carb
overload theory to see if it would help my long run. I can happily say
that all those scones along with some Chocolate GU did not go to waste
and I managed to jog for 2:55 minutes and felt quite good. Next time
I’ll try and use more good carbs although those scones were soooo yummy!

So after a couple of days at home I was off again and back up to Cairns.

Today was another busy day with a bit of work this morning (flying),
hit town and did another run, caught up with my girlfriends for lunch
and then up to the Barossa to see my parents. It was a lovely day but
I’m shattered and ready for bed again.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to Cairns again as Cam is coming up for the weekend to help celebrate my Birthday!

Anyway better stop rambling on and get some sleep.

Will be back when I’m feeling a bit more alive.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Hilds

P.S Can you tell I’m getting a bit over all this running! Can’t wait until I’ve done this Marathon!!!!!!!

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