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GUGU! Yes, I’ve discovered chocolate GU and it’s so good!

Since I’ve been getting into some longer runs I thought I better start introducing some running supplements.

Up until now I’d just been having a bit of Lucozade during my long
runs, although I’ve wanted to try and energy gel for a while now and so I
gave Choclate Gu a go! Geez it was yummy, don’t know if it made my run
much easier but just knowing that I’d gulped one down meant I was
motivated enough to keep running and burn it off, he, he!

So anyway I’ve made it through day 2 of 5 and sitting in my hotel
room in Brissie tonight. I must say I much prefer the later starts. It
means I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night, I can train in
the morning, get my lunch and food organised for the day and basically
feel “normal”. Rather than getting up at 3am and feeling like death all

Yesterday was a massive struggle as the people I stay with in Cairns
decided to watch the footy on friday night (which meant lots of yelling
at the telly and little sleep for me). I can’t describe how frustrated I
was to be laying there at midnight still wide awake knowing I had to
get up for work in just 3 hours!!!

So anyway I survived, you always do somehow! So after 2 1/2 hours
sleep and flying from Cairns to Brissie and on to Perth, to say I was
tired was an understatment!

Anyway back to “normal” today, never ceased to be amazed at what a
good nights sleep with do. Although I’ve been thinking today that I’m
going to book into the Dr’s when I get home as I know I’m not 100% and I
don’t want to have to drag myself through every one of my runs! I
normally really enjoy running whereas at the moment it’s just hard! I
really want to run my best in my upcoming half marathon so I better get
on top of it all soon.

I’m also going to start introducing a lot more carbs prior to my long runs and see how it improves my running!

Anyway enough for one night, I’m tired and I’ve got another run to
get done in the morning before I fly out for another days flying! Off to
Townsville and back and then Canberra for the night. Not quite sure how
prepared I am for the freezing cold, might not be venturing out too

Have a great Monday!

Cheers, Hilds

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