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For some reason the last couple of weeks my running seems to be going down hill!

Don’t worry I’m still doing it all but just don’t have my usual
energy! I had to do a time trial the this week and just really
struggled. I actually asked my trainer to swap next week’s recovery week
for this week. So instead of a 2:40min run, I only had to do a 2hr run
and instead of Speed session I did my 1 hour jog (don’t know if it was
my idea of recovery but better than 2:40min run!). I’m happy to say I’ve
made it through the week and got all my training done although not too
happy with my efforts.

I’m not sure if I’m just a bit run down or have picked up a bit of a
bug when we went camping as ever since then I just haven’t been 100%!

Anyway I’ll see how I go this week and if I’m still not feeling better by the time I get home on Thursday I’ll go visit the Dr!

Anyway just a super quick one as I’m in Perth and about to fly back
to Sydney and then onto Brissie, bus will be here any minute!

Have a great day!


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