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Today I recieved a lovely email from a current client who is doing so well!

Liz is only a couple of weeks away from completing her 12 Week
Challenge and the changes she has made are amazing! Liz has managed to
regularly lose weight although more importantly she has completley
changed her way of thinking and has made her healthy eating and training
a way of life! I get so excited when I hear clients realise that they
have the power to change and maintain this change!

Anyway this was Liz’s email today which was a great reminder to so
many out there trying to lose fat, that you don’t need to starve
yourself to lose weight!

Hi Hilde,

Down to 61.8 kg, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t be down to that
stage yet as I don’t feel as though I am ‘doing it hard’. I am not
hungry and enjoying my training. I always thought that you had to starve
yourself and be constantly hungry to lose weight. I am still trying to
get the used to the idea that you actually need to eat (cleanly) a fair
amount (for breakfast and lunch anyway) and frequently to lose weight.

I did a happy dance this morning. I am going to be able to fit into a
pair of jeans that I haven’t worn for about 6 years soon. Woohoo.

Have a marvellous week.


It’s not uncommon to think we need to restrict ourselves to lose
fat. We are constantly bombarded by advertsing saying we need to eat
less and endless diets promoting fast fix shakes that promote drinking
your nutrition each day! When we go on these highly restrictive diets
all we are doing is slowing down our metabolism and making it harder and
harder for us to lose fat, eventually you will have to eat barely
anything to get any results at all!

It is true that to lose fat you need to cause a calorie deficit
although this does not mean that you need to eat like a rabbit! There
are alternatives to simply restricting your food intake to casue a
calorie deficit.

If you increase your cardio and incorporate some regular resistance
training you will burn more calories. This means that you don’t need to
rely soely on your diet to lose fat! Some people will actually get
results simply by increasing their activity alone.

Eating good clean (unprocessed)  nutritious food can taste good plus
when you eat lots of “healthy” food you can actually eat quite a bit!
It’s when we start to include lots of processed package foods that we
end up eating way too much.

So by eating lots of small regular meals we can actually increase
our metabolism making it easier for us to lose fat! Yep, that’s right
eat more often and you are actually helping yourself to lose weight.

So just imagine the results you can achieve by including some reguar exercise as well as eating regular good quality meals!

It is true that you can lose weight and actually enjoy the journey!
It’s all about the way we think about the process and simply doing the
best we can each day. Don’t try and be perfect and stick to some super
strict diet! Learn to eat good quality food, exercise regularly and
watch your body transform!

Keep up the great work Liz!!!!

Cheers, Hilds

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