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Sometimes we get caught up in what we want to do and what we need to do!

In regards to my training I do what needs to be done not necesarily what I want to do.

So what do I mean by this?

Well today for example, I was at the gym and did an awesome weights
session followed by some cardio. My cardio was a bit of a mixuture of
things as I was trying to have a rest day from running. So my first
cardio machine of choice was the stepper. Why? Because it makes me work
really hard without the impact of running and helps to make my legs and
butt look better. Do I love the stepper? NO, but I love what it does for
my body.

It’s amazing how many women complain about their thighs and butt,
but do they do the things they know will make them look better? NO. They
find excuses “I can’t run”, “I don’t like the stepper”, anything to
justify their need to stay in their comfort zone. Ok, so I sound like a
Nazi! What I’m really trying to get across is that we do need to find
activities we enjoy but sometimes if we really want to make big changes
we need to get out of our comfort zones and simply do what works.

So if you go to the gym and just go throught the motions, stolling
on the treadmill and reading your magazine on the stationary bike,
expect to enjoy your magazine but don’t expect to get the awesome body
you have always wanted!

Ok, so I’ve had my little rant for today, on to the new toys at the gym!

Today I got to play with a few new toys at the gym and just loved
them! Firstly there is a rope pull machine, which simulates climbing up a
rope, awesome for your arms and back plus a bit of a cardio workout.
Then there was this machine that is kinda like riding your bike with
your hands (sorry don’t know what it’s called!) and it is a great way to
finish or start off your weight routine! Then I finished off with these
amazing Stationary bikes, I’m not one to like the exercise bike but
geez I would love one of these. You have a screen in front of you which
shows images of a track, other race competitors and the bike handles are
moveable, so you are literally racing against other riders (and they
all beat me today, wasn’t happy!). So cardio today was lots of fun and I
worked up a good sweat!

This weekend is looking great, the weather is beautiful and Cam & I might sneak off to Airlie Beach for a night!

I just love the weather up north this time of year, it really doesn’t get any better!

Tonight we are off to a Curry night and I’ve been told to bring
dessert! Me dessert, I don’t really make desserts (well not unhealthy
ones), I love having them as a treat but I don’t think I would enjoy
them as much knowing all the sugar and fat that goes into them! Anyway
I’ll have to put my creative chef hat on and come up with something.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week and enjoying their training but at the same time challenging themselves.

Have fun!


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