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“I love my body”, yeah ok that might be the first time I’ve said it but
from now on there is no more “I feel fat”, “geez I hate my thighs”! For
some reason we all seem obsesed with self loathing, it seems like it’s a
good thing to complain about your “thunder thighs”, “big hips” or “tuck
shop arms”. Why do we feel the need to constantly point out the parts
of our body we dislike so much! How does this make us learn to love our
body! You think of how many times you have caught up with your friends
and the conversation at one point or another has turned to “how fat you
feel”, “how you just want to lose a few kilos and then you’ll be happy”!
How many times have you said “Do I look fat in this?”, honestly what
kind of response are you hoping for? Are you really feeling fat or maybe
insecure, scared, lonely, what is it that is really bothering you? Are
you nervous about going out meeting new people? Are you heading out with
your “skinny friends” and feeling inadequate? We need to stop using the
word “fat” and blaming all our problems on “fat”. It’s not fat that
stopping us from living our best life ever but how we see ourselves and
what we let ourselves achieve! Are we really going to let “fat” stop you
from having fun, going out with the girls, enjoying a swim at the
beach! Life is to be enjoyed NOW, not when we are 5kg lighter! I’m not
saying you can’t make changes and it is awesome if you want to get fit
and healthy feel great and lose a few kilos, but don’t wait to start
living until this happens! If you don’t change the way you see yourself
now and appreciate your body for what it can do NOW, even when you reach
that amazing magical number on the scale you still won’t be happy
because you haven’t changed the way you think about yourself!

So I hope some of you out there can really start to appreciate and love your body! I know I’ll be working on it!

Sorry just had to get that off my chest, have been reading a great
motivational book at the moment and realised that I needed to start to
truly appreciate my body, not when it’s thinner or more toned, but right
now! It really hit home when I was running on the treadmill and
realised that as much as I complain about my thighs there are so many
people out there who can’t even walk and here I am running and feeling
fantastic. Reality check – I’m bloody lucky & love my legs!!!!

Have a great day everyone & just see if you can avoid mentioning or thinking the word fat today!!!!!

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