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I know how much some of us love our routines and I think it is fantastic
to have a good routine as it makes our quest to stay fit and healthy so
much easier. Although when you become so “stuck” in your routine that it
creates issues to break it, then that’s not good!

Some people are lucky enough to be able to train at the same time
each day, have their set meals and their routine never changes. This is
great if we are fortunate enough to have a life that lets us do this but
I know for many this isn’t the case.

This morning I work up early in Perth (frustrating as I actually
wanted to sleep in), but it made me realise the absolute lack of set
routine I have! I have a routine but it is flexible and changes on a
daily basis.

My Daily Routine –


Eat 5-6 small meals

Drink lots of water

Work somewhere in between all of that!


Each day can be very different, somedays I’ll be home and getting up
at 5am to head to the gym to do Spin, whereas other days I might be
working late so getting up 8am to hit the gym, and on my “yucky” days
I’ll be getting up at 3am to get ready for work or crawling in to bed at
5am after working all night! So I’ve learnt to be flexible, regardless
of where I am or what my day entails I have my basic routine that I
stick to. The only possible way I could even imagine staying fit and
healthy is by making this happen! The same goes for many Mums out there.
I was just chatting to my sister who was telling me about her great
training session done at 8pm. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you
open up to the idea of being flexible and just doing things when you
can. I know we all like to have this grand plan but things don’t always
go as planned so if you miss that morning training session because the
kid’s were sick or had a late night there is nothing stopping you from
doing it in the afternoon!

The ultimate goal is to “consistently train and eat well” so if we
don’t learn to become flexible with our routines we will never achieve
our goals. And remember you are the only one who can make it happen!

So set some weekly goals –

Train – 3 x Weights, 3-4 Cardio Sessions and just fit them in
wherever and whenever you can. Don’t get caught up and try and train at
the perfect time, just do it whenevery or wherever you can!

You will feel so much better for it.

Have a great day! Hilds

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