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Today reinforced how important it is for me to make sure I get my 8 hours
sleep! I know some people survive on less but I’ve worked out I NEED my
eight hours, any less and I’m just no where near as productive, happy or
motivated. I’m still amazed at how much a lack of sleep can affect

At the moment I’m away on a trip and have had a few early starts,
this morning I had to get up at 3:30am and I just felt average all day!
Not do I just feel more tired I find it so much harder to stay on track
with my nutrition and all day I try and find any excuse to skip my
training session. Normally I love to train in the morning and when I
can’t I find it a bit of a mind game all day to get motivated enough to
do it in the afternoon.

So this afternoon I arrived at the hotel and had talked myself into
thinking that I should just have a rest day as I’m too tired to train!
Anyway after a couple of hours of sitting around I went out to the shops
to grab a salad for dinner and it’s amazing what a bit of fresh (very
fresh as I’m in Melbourne and it’s freezing!) air can do. Just from
walking to the shops I’d managed to confince myself to go back to the
hotel get changed and hit the gym and I did just that….. I actually
had a great training session and enjoyed every minute and feel so much
better now! I’ve learnt (it’s taken a while) that as hard as it may seem
to do my training that I feel so much worse from not doing it!

So as important as sleep is I didn’t let the lack of it become an
excuse for being lazy. I know I function best on eight hours and I just
need to do my best to make sure I get it.

I’m writting this as I constantly have clients say they are too
tired and use it as an excuse to skip training! I’m not saying you
should train if you are exhausted as rest is just as important as eating
well and training hard but if you are not trying to change your
lifestyle and making sleep a priority then you are making your journey
to becoming fit and healthy so much harder! And the bonus is when you
are training hard and eating well you sleep so much better.

Anyway enough rambling from me, time for me to get off the computer
and get ready for my eight hours sleep! Mmmmmm sleep……………..

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