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So how to you do it! Work, run the house, look after the kids and still
manage to fit in training? Well it all comes down to being organised but
the real key is wanting it and making it a priority. As you know if you
want anything badly enough you can make it happen, the same can be said
for finding time to exercise.

The most common excuse for not exercising is lack of time! I find
this amazing as the amount of time that some people sit around and watch
telly these days, if they spend the same amount of time training they
could be a professional athlete. I understand this isn’t the case for
everyone, as there are many Mum’s out there who really do struggle to
find time in the day.

What I’m suggesting is that you don’t try and think too big and even
just aim for two 30 minute walks a week. If you are someone who does
nothing, isn’t two walks better than nothing? Surely you can find 1 hour
a week.

I’m sure there will still be people out there saying that they just
can’t find the time, well that’s your choice and as long as your happy
with it, that’s fine but don’t complain that you are feeling fat and
frumpy unless you are prepared to do something about it. Yeah, that
might be harsh but hey at the end of the day if you really want
something you’ve got to make it happen.

It’s amazing when that motivation kicks in or that flick switches
and you are suddenly ready to change. For some it might take a visit to
the Doctor or an upcoming wedding but whatever your reason when you are
ready there doesn’t seem to be anything that will stop you. I know as
I’ve experienced it, strangely when I have reached some of my biggest
goals they have been at times in my life where I am flat out, flying all
over the world although  still managed to train wherever and whenever I
could and eat well. So I now know that there really are no excuses but
rather times when you just really don’t want to put in the hard work!

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