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New Years Resolutions!Well it’s that time of year again when everyone sits back and takes a look
at the year that has past and starts thinking about what they want to
achieve in 2009!

For some it may be a bit disappointing as it was another year of
setting lots of resolutions but achieving none. For others it can be
great to look back and actually appreciate what you have achieved.

Some people don’t like New Years Resolutions as they think it is
setting themselves up for failure, I’m not one of those people! I
suppose because I try and set goals that I really want and can see
myself achieving. Eight years ago I said I would give up smoking and to
this day I still haven’t had a cigarette! If you truly believe you can
reach your goals you will! Although if you are setting goals that you
don’t really believe you can achieve, you won’t!

So take some time to really work out what you want for 2009! Do you
think you can do it? Do you really believe you can change? If the answer
is yes, then go for it!

So how are you spending your New Years Eve? For the first time in a
very long time I don’t even think I’ll be seeing it in. I’m working
tomorrow and actually really looking forward to waking up feeling
fantastic and going for a run, what a way to start the year (sick, I

Anyway just on my way to Cairns at the moment, it’s nice to just sit
and relax as things have been very busy lately. I’ve been flying lots
and as you can imagine everyone wants to start their health and fitness
journey in the New Year so it’s all a go, but I wouldn’t have it any
other way.

Attached a pic from our Chrissy holiday in Cairns, my old school
friend Tina and my wonderful hubby. Tonight I’ll be with my girlfriend
in their apartment at the Beach although hubby won’t be there as he’s in
Mackay! We will celebrate the start of 2009 when I get home on

Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year! Luv Hilds


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