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Yah I’m finally back home after a night in nearly every city in Australia!
Last week I was away working, flying all over the coutryside with
Qantas. I spent a few nights in Cairns, Adelaide, Hobart & Perth. I
must say I’ve found a new city which I just love! Hobart is a bit of a
hidden suprise, I got to spend the day there on the weekend and it was
such a lovely place. I got to go to the weekend markets, catch up with
my Uncle and also fit in a quick trip up Mt Wellington before flying off
to Perth.

So after a busy week it is fantastic to be home! I flew back in to
Mackay yesterday after flying throughout the night from Perth to Cairns
and then finally home to Mackay. I managed to crawl in to bed about
10am. I can’t say I miss working through out the night, I don’t cope to
well with no sleep. It just shows you how important sleep is. Anyway I
got a big 3 hours sleep yesterday and managed to survive the day. Even
though I was flat out all week I still manged to fit in all my training
and enjoyed training in lots of different settings. Also lately I’ve
been training with friends whenever I can which has made exercise even
more enjoyable. So training has been going along well although my
nutrition was a little average, I wasn’t as prepared as I could have
been and ended up eating a bit more aircraft food than I normally do! It
just goes to show how important it is too be organised and plan ahead,
no excuses!

So I’m loving being home and having a fridge full of food and lots
of healthy options at my fingertips! Anyway enough for one night, time
to get some precious sleep before that alarm goes off at 5am for me to
hit the gym!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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