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So why 12 Weeks? Some people don’t really like “12 Week Programs” as they
think that they are setting people up for failure. So why is it 12 weeks
and is 12 weeks really a good thing?

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Well there is a couple of ways of looking at it! Firstly it all depends on WHY YOU are doing it?

If you are just wanting to lose some weight and don’t care or want
to learn any good lifestyle habits along the way then YES I would tend
to that they are not a great thing. For sure you will lose some weight
but you will soon put it all back on if you haven’t tried to implement
some healthy habits. If you spend the whole 12 weeks dreaming about all
the junk food you will eat (and continue to eat) after it is all over,
and have no intention of continuing your exercise as that was just to
help you lose fat! Well if that’s your approach your setting yourself up
for disappointment! You might successfully lose the fat, but will you
keep it off!

In saying that I think and know from experience that a 12 Week
Program can be one of the best things you ever do! It can be life
changing! Just look at me, before I successfully finished my own 12 Week
Program, I lacked the confidence and belief that I could one day work
in the Heath & Fitness industry which I love so much.

12 Weeks is enough time to permanently implement some healthy habits and make some great changes, if you have the right MINDSET!

The difference in making your 12 Week Program a success is not so
much about if you stuck 100% to plan, but did you train your mind for
change throughout your journey? Do you believe you can become a fit and
healthy person? Are you truly trying to implement healthy lifestyle
habits? Are you finding exercises and meal combinations you enjoy? Have
you started to tell yourself that you CAN do it!

It’s not about being perfect but doing the best you can every day.
Some days will be better than others but if you continue to stay
positive and think of your new habits as a way of life “NOT A DIET”�
then you will not only succeed but will continue to feel fit and healthy
for a long time to come.

So if your wondering whether a 12 Week Program will work for you, as
long as you come into it with the right MINDSET then you will succeed
and benefit so much from the experience!

Keep Smiling, Hilds

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