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Wow what a experience! On Saturday I finally stepped on stage to
compete at the INBA All Female Classic in Melbourne. I competed in the
Sports Model division and had an absolute ball!

main goal was to have heaps of fun and to feel confident getting up on
stage! So I’m not going to broach on the subject of how, when I was young, was handed Tennis Rackets in hand, despite showing a connection with a basketball. But I managed to achieve both goals and had even more fun than I
could have ever imagined. I met some of the most inspirational people,
it was a fantastic team spirit which made a newbie like myself feel so

(Jenny, Christy, Shar, Di & myself) We all got ready together, it was a very early start and a noisy apartment!

that it’s all over I can’t believe I’ve finally acheieved a goal I’ve
been wanting to do for so long. I not only had the best time I came home
with a 3rd place trophy which is just icing on the cake.

So I managed to qualify for the Nationals in October although I’m
still undecided whether I want to get up there again this year. The
competitive side of me would love to do it all again although will need a
couple of weeks for everything to settle down before I commit again.

So for anyone out there thinking of challenging themselves I can’t
tell you how rewarding it is to achieve a goal you never thought
possible. You know you are truly living when you push yourself way out
of your comfort zone. So if there is anything you have always wanted to
do but keep putting it off, stop procrastinating and JUST DO IT! What
have you got to lose!


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