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Geez I love Spin Classes! I know it’s wrong, how can I love 45 gruelling
minutes of sitting on a bike sweating to death! Well I suppose it’s
because for 45 minutes I have someone else pushing me to my limits! I
really enjoy pushing myself a bit harder each time and know at the end
of it all I have had a great cardio session. Although it’s odd I’m not a
big fan of bike riding but love my spin/RPM classes.

Although the same can’t be said for my 1 hour runs! I dread them
with a passion, but I know I need to push myself out of my comfort zone
every now and then, plus I get great results from running.

So on my run today (well more like awkward jog) I was thinking about how I always get asked what is the best type of cardio?

Is it better to do Steady State (continuous exercise at steady heart
rate) or Interval sessions (alternating intense bouts of exercise with
recovery periods), is swimming ok, or can I just ride, & I can’t
run, do I have to do that?

You could get so caught up in what is the BEST cardio that you don’t
do any! You will find a different article stating the positives and
negatives of every type of cardio, but at the end of the day, it’s

YOU NEED TO GET MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardiovascular exercise isn’t only great for assisting you to lose
Body Fat but it creates a healthier heart, we get fitter and daily tasks
become easier. So why wouldn’t you want to do some form of
cardiovascular exercise?

To get the benefits from cardio you need to be pushing yourself a
bit harder each time. Whether you chose to ride, swim, walk or jog the
key is to get your heart rate up! Each time try and get a bit faster or
go a bit further. If you start out walking, time yourself and get
quicker each time, after a few weeks start jogging for small bursts and
before you know it you’ll be running. I don’t know how often I hear “I
CAN’T RUN!”. Well I didn’t know you couldn’t do something if you have
never tried. Years ago I was one of those people, I never thought I
could run but now I can easily get up and go for a 10km run (well
awkward jog!).

So start out with something you like and get better at that, before
you know it, with your increased fitness you will be wanting to try all
different types of cardio. You never know you might even turn into a
“SPIN JUNKIE” like myself!

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