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Well after my nightmare of a week last week it all managed to finish off on a
good note. Although not until a few more disasters!

Not only did my laptop die, but later that day I discovered my hair
straightener had also stopped working and if that wasn’t bad enough my
mobile phone also died!!! Oh my god, I just didn’t know which one was
worse, computer, phone of hair straightener, he, he!

Although I flew home on Friday morning and was so glad to know that I just didn’t have to go anywhere for two whole weeks!

My lovely hubby Cam met me at the airport and was quick to try and
make me feel better. I think he could see the stressed look on my face
and knew that I wasn’t in a good place!!! I do feel sorry for Cam
sometimes as it’s always the ones closest to us that have to put up
listening to all the whinging when things go wrong! (the joys of

Anyway after getting home things started to get better! That
afternoon I met Cam for a coffee down the Marina and the day finished
off with drinks aboard a beautiful boat in the Marina! Saturday was just
as good as I got a brand new tiny, and I mean tiny laptop and I’ve got
the best hair straightener in the world!!! The budget is a bit worse for
wear but my mood is a million times better, he, he!

So my week is off to a fabulous start. I’ve got my hard hill
training session out of the way this morning and I’m just about to hit
the weights followed by a walk along the beach!

I’ve attached some pics of Cam experimenting with his new Camera (we
really still have no idea how to use it, can you tell! Will have to do
some serious learning before we head off overseas!)

See things really can get so much better in just a day or two!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week.

Cheers, Hilds


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