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IMPROVING FITNESSWow, I’m really noticing how much my fitness is improving! It’s amazing when
you are not actively trying to increase your fitness but instead I’m
just doing what I need to do to ensure I can complete the Loch Ness
Marathon. Today I had to do my 2 hour jog and it felt good!

I also started introducing a bit more fuel during my longer runs.
I’ve started introducing some Lucozade after about an hour of running.
On race day they will be providing water stops and Lucozade stations so I
wanted to make sure my body was ok with it prior to the big day. I
can’t say I felt any instant energy burst from having all the extra
carbs during my run but I did notice that It made me a bit thirsty as it
was so sweet. It’s basically just pure glucose (sugar) and is a great
way of providing your body with the energy it needs and can utilize
straight away. It was good incorporating my little drink but it also
made me think about all the people who regularly incorporate sports
drinks when there is really no need! Unless you are really pushing
yourself and training for over an hour of an hour and a half you don’t
really need to be guzzling down all of that pure sugar! I didn’t even
have a whole one as I just couldn’t justify that much extra energy!

So tomorrow is a scheduled rest day as I had a big day of training
on Saturday and Sunday, feeling mighty sore now! Saturday I forced
myself to the gym feeling very hungover! Cam and I had a massive 6
drinks on Friday night, I hear you laughing! Yes, we cant drink much
anymore and anything over about 2 leaves us feeling a bit worse for
wear, so after 6 we were both feeling very average. Although the good
news is that I have found a cure for a hangover, it’s exercise. After
forcing myself to the gym I not only did an hour Kimax class (boxing,
kicking, jogging etc), I then went on to work off the rest of my drinks
and do a Spin Class. Wow, did I feel great afterwards.

On Saturday we also managed to spend a bit too much cash and bought
Cam’s Birthday pressie. It’s a brand new Canon EOS 450D, it’s an aweome
camera and I can’t wait until Cam knows how to use it so we can get some
fantastic shots to put up on the website. Cam will be taking heaps of
pics while we are away so that’s why we got his pressie a bit early to
make sure he knows how to use it!

Here’s a couple of pics in my new F5m T-shirt & Cam’s new toy!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Cheers, Hilds


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