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View from Summit Apartments - Airlie Beach Wow, what another great weekend! It’s amazing how good life is when you make a conscious decision to enjoy every single day!

This weekend was great, Cam & I spent a couple of nights in
Airlie Beach. We were actually planning on heading to Adelaide for the
weekend but the flights weren’t looking too flash so by the time we got
there we would have only had one day there before flying home again, so
we deiced to do something a bit closer to home!

I’ve been annoying poor Cam for a while now to take me to Airlie
Beach. I haven’t been for about 10 years now and considering it’s only a
couple of hours away we thought it was about time we went for a visit.
Cam actually goes there for work all the time but I hadn’t been so we
thought while the weather is so good we would make the most of it.

We stayed at these new apartments Summit Airlie Beach

The place was just amazing, it is all brand new and has amazing Sea
views plus we were lucky enough to have the best room in the place which
overlooked the rainforest as well! It was so lovely and relaxing and as
such we didn’t venture out too much.

We did do a drive around the area and also went for a nice walk
along the waterfront although we didn’t really dine out and instead
opted to pretend to be our very own “master chefs”. I don’t know how
well we would have gone on the show but the food we cooked up tasted
pretty good to us. It is so nice cooking in a brand new kitchen with
amazing views!

So after a couple of days of really overindulging I decided I better
get my long run out the way and work off some of that food I’d eaten. I
must say I’m a little happy with myself as for the first time ever I
ran for 18km’s! (and quite enjoyed it!)

I decided to challenge myself and ran from Airlie Beach to Shute
Harbour and back again (well almost), Cam came and picked me up after
I’d had enough although he could have come a little earlier as I’d just
tackled a big hill and was on my enjoyable down hill bit when I saw him!

It’s funny as I was quite sore yesterday and wasn’t really expecting
it, but I suppose when you run further than you have before you are
going to be sore!

So today it’s time to get back to “normal” and stop living the high
life, well for a while anyway. We’ve really been living it up lately and
spending a fortune so I think it’s time to slow down a bit considering
we have our big UK trip coming up in a few months.

So I’m home for a couple of days and then I’m off to Cairns on
Wednesday, Canberra on Thursday and Adelaide on Friday. I’ll get to
catch up with my girlfriend in Adelaide and I’m also hoping to check out
the sales. Cam & I seriously need some warm clothes for our
Scotland adventure so I’ll be checking out all the outdoor shops as
Mackay seriously lacks any variety.

I’ve also found out I’m on reserve next month for flying which makes
life a little trickier, but I’ll find a way to make it work. I’m just
hoping I can come home next Sat night after my trip although at this
stage there isn’t any seats available. I have to go back up to Cairns on
Tuesday anyway so thinking I might even go back to Adelaide and hang
with the family for a few days in between trips! Anyway I’m sure I’ll
change my mind a million times between now and then as I’ve been just a
little indecicive lately!

Anyway enough rambling on for another day, I better get moving as I’ve got lots of work to get done today.

Have a great day everyone.

Cheers, Hilds


Hilds Shute Harbour lookout! Cam Shute Harbour

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