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Today has started of great! Firstly I love Fridays, I think they might actually be my favourite day.

I flew up to Cairns last night as I had a few jobs to do in Cairns before heading off on my 6 day trip tomorrow.

This morning started by a glorious, actually I’m lying, it was more
torturous run down the Esplanade. I had left my Sprint/Interval session
to later in the week and so I had no choice but to do it today. Normally
I like to do it at home because I’ve measured out my distances etc but
this morning I had to make it work. I knew roughly how many paces
equalled my usual sprint distance, so I paced it out and got underway!
Oh my god was I glad when it was over, I know I pushed myself quite hard
as my heart rate monitor was stuggling to keep up with me, he, he.

So anyway after the training was done and dusted it was on to my
next job – Home Maintenance, something I’m not very good at. We own a
rental property in Cairns and it has been a while since we’ve given it
much love so today I am scrubbing the deck back and giving it another
coat of decking oil.

So far I’ve done the scrubbing workout (quite a good arm workout
actually) and I’m just waiting for it to dry before I can oil it. So I’m
making good use of my time and sitting here at the local Coffee Club
getting some work out the way and enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Tonight I get to see Cam after a week of him being out bush doing
lots of fun boy stuff! He had a Remote Area trainig course on with
Customs, although I don’t quite know if I’d call it work I’m sure Cam
would have gone just for the love of it. It’s been a bit strange having
no contact all week. Even though I’m always away and we are used to
being apart for a week at a time, we usually catch up on the phone. So
it will be great to see him in Cairns tonight and we can enjoy dinner
and drinks before I head off for a week tomorrow (at least we get one
night together in two weeks!).

I’ll be working over the long weekend but I’ll be in Brissie on
Monday and get to catch up with a girlfriend so pretty happy about that!

So I’m loving life, it’s great, but I choose to make it great!

I hope everyone has a fun filled long weekend!

Luv, Hilds

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