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After a fantastic weekend away with  Cam in Cairns I’m back home for a few
days before flying out again. I’ve got just enough time at home to get
lots of work out the way, eat lots of good healthy food (which was
seriously lacking on the weekend!) and get most of my training out the

So I managed to get my 50 min jog out the way Monday morning before
flying out of Cairns. Went to an early morning spin class today and
weights this arvo. I’ve just got a sprint session tomorrow, another spin
class and some more weights and I’m off again!

It’s amazing how exercise just becomes such a habit. After years of
training now it’s not a matter of finding an excuse to get out of
training but finding ways to fit it all in. I still get amazed by people
who want to get fit, feel great although are not prepared to FIND THE
TIME to make it work. I still plan out what training I’m going to do
each week, if I didn’t there would be no way i’d get it all in. This
Friday I fly up to Cairns then on Saturday I’m off to Melbourne, a big
day flying on Sunday, back to Melbourne, then off to Brissie the next
day, followed by another big day flying, back to Brissie again, then off
to Sydney for an overnight, back to Cairns next Thursday, maybe home
that night otherwise home next Friday!

Do you seriously think that if I didn’t plan I would have any hope
of getting all my training in????? I choose to make exercise a priority
and as such feel so much better for it. For sure it would be easy for me
to find excuses and skip sessions but those excuses wouldn’t make me
feel too great! So instead I take some extra time to plan out my
training & nutrition. I just love the saying “PLAN TO SUCCEED OR YOU

So anyway I’m organised to head off again, have allocated all my training sessions and the running is going well so far.

I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start and you took that
extra time at the start of your week to make a plan for the week!

Cheers, Hilds

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