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That’s been my week! A bit all over that place and fitting in my running whenever I can.

On Tuesday I headed up to Cairns to do a two day work trip which got
me down to Adealide. It was great, not only was I working but I got to
spend the afternoon in Adelaide and catch up with my gorgeous little
sister and my Dad even made a suprise visit.

I also had an appointment with an old friend who is an
Acupuncturist/Chinese Herbalist. It was my first ever time having
Acupunture and I loved it! It was weird having all these little needles
in you but I could really feel the energy moving about my body! Can’t
wait to have it again. I also got some herbs which I will have to cook
up in my new little herb cooking pot (kinda funny looking thing). I
can’t wait to get started with it all. My little sister has been going
for a few months now and is feeling fantastic. Not quite sure how I’ll
go cooking up any herbs on my next 6 day trip, but I’ll find a way!

So I’ve had a great week, finished off with a day at DFO, what more
could a girl want (well maybe some more money in the bank to buy all the
great clothes I found).

So now I’m just waiting for Cam to arrive from his big drive up from
Macaky and we have a lovely weekend planned in Cairns. I’ve already
checked into the hotel and made myself quite comfy, my exercise is done
for the day. I got my 50 minute run out of the way nice and early (even
without my Ipod, as it was flat, won’t ever let that happen again!) and
even went to an RPM class, I thought I’d better burn a few extra
calories to make up for the extra drinks I’ll be having tonight.
Actually the RPM class went so fast, I think it was because I was
obsessed with my heart rate monitor and trying to get my heart rate as
high as I could, 45 minutes felt like 10, it was great!

So life is fantastic with me. I hope everyone else has a great
weekend planned. Would love to hear from you, remember you can leave me a
comment anytime!

Cheers, Hilds

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