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Hi Everyone!

Yes, I’m back in the land of the living! I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks now, sorry.

After returning from holidays I had a week at home and had a rotten
cold, I also had heaps of study to do for my Emergency Procedures
testing. Every 6 months we have to do a training day and get tested on
all the aircraft and every single time it really stresses me out. So
this time I really studied up so I would be prepared. I had EP’s in
Sydney on Monday and thank god it’s all over and I’m safe for another 6

So anyway I’m back home after a quick trip to Cairns and Sydney. I’m
hanging out to get back full on into my training but unfortunatly I
still have something wrong with my foot. The last day in Thailand I left
limping because I couldn’t walk properly on my right foot, not sure if
it was the 11km jog I did on the treadmill wearing my old sneakers or
two weeks of no shoes! But anyway as you cannot ever completley rest
your foot it doesn’t seem to completley heal, and when you go for a run
on it (like I did Monday afternoon) it doesn’t help! So last night I
skipped my planned interval session and just did 30 minutes incline on
the treadmill which actually felt worse afterwards than running. So I’m
thinking I’m just going to have to stick to Spin and some flat walking
for this week which is hard for me as I just love going for a run. I
suppose at least it will get me motivated to really get into the
weights. On a positive note my nutrition has been great, and the result a
big loss of .4kg this week, he, he (if you know me I don’t lose weight
in a hurry, but at least its heading in the right direction!).

So I’m off to do my weights, just finishing off putting a new
routine together. I’m doing all my weights at home now as we have set up
all our equipment again. I just love not having to share weights and
really get into my own litte routine. Whereas the gym just gets a little
too social lately and when I go to the gym I like to train, not chat!

So anyway I’m home all week, lots of work to catch up on and also a
few Dr Appointments to make as I still need to get my body sorted out as
things still aren’t normal after my miscarriage. So rather than keep
getting frustrated I thought I’d try and get to the bottom of what’s
going on in this body of mine, geez I just love being a woman!

Better fly, can’t put of these weights any longer.

Take Care & Keep Smiling!

Luv Hilds

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