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Until we fly out to Thailand for a bit or rest and relaxation! I can’t wait
as life has been so flat out lately. I’m just hanging out to sit by the
pool, read, eat lots of yummy thai food and spend lots of time with my
gorgeous hubby! Last time we were in Thailand was for our wedding! I
imagine this time will be a little bit more relaxed….. I just love
holidays and can’t understand when some people don’t have them!!!! Why
work so hard if you can’t take a well earned break. I think this is my
5th time back to Thailand and I just love it. It’s the kind of holiday
where you can’t help but chill out and totally relax. Don’t get me wrong
I love exploring and can’t wait to get back to Europe but you don’t
really relax as you are trying to see as much as possible.

So bring on the next 2 weeks of rest and relaxation. I’m also taking
a different approach this holiday. Normally I head off and stop all
activity and eat way too much! So understandably I always come back
feeling a bit worse for wear with a few extra kilos on me instead of in
my backpack! So this time I’ve changed my mind set! I am going to
exercise while I’m away, yeah I know it’s not some peoples idea of
relaxing but if you know me I am so much happier when I exercise. It
keeps those happy hormones running through my body, so even though I
think I enjoy not training by the end of a week or two of being a
complete sloth I end up feeling a bit down. So I’ve found out what gym
facilities, running tracks, beaches etc I can use to fit in some
activity. It sounds like there is a big resort with a massive gym,
running track and olympic pool next door to where we are staying, so I’m
going to see if we can use the facilities while we are there. So the
goal is to come back feeling refreshed not like I need to go on a detox
for the next month!

The goal is to do some form of activity every second day, while
still enjoying my favourite Thai food but just not going overboard!

I’m also planning on doing my own 6 Week Program when I get home.
I’ve had so many clients sign up for the 6 Week Program lately that I’d
thought I’d set myself the challenge of seeing what I can achieve in
just 6 weeks! So if anyone is up for a challenge I’ll be starting on the
27th of April (for anyone wanting to start with me, you’ll get 10%
discount, just mention this post!).

(I’ll keep you updated with my progress).

So I’m pretty flat out just getting organised to head off! Why is it that you are always so busy just before holidays?

Also to all my clients out there, don’t panic I’ll still be on email in between laying by the pool!

Hope everyone is having a great week.


(Thailand January 2008 Wedding!)

EMAIL : hilde@getactiveonline.com

4 Sleeps to go!!!!

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