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My life seriously lacks any form of routine at the moment! I can’t even
really remember where I spent each night last week. I do remember
finally getting home on Thursday and getting to spend a few glorious
nights at home, although I was flat out every minute! I seem to thrive
when I’m busy although I’m starting to notice that I’ve been neglecting
me a little bit lately and not feeling quite as good as normal (will be
working on that when I get back from holidays). Get Active has been
really busy with lots of new clients starting up, I just love getting
new clients underway, it’s exciting to know that it won’t be long and
they will be feeling so good about themselves!!!! Plus there’s a few
great success stories coming up, I’m still constantly amazed by the
transformations that people make, it’s not even the physcial
transformation as much as the mental one! It’s amazing how much a
persons attitude can change when they finally do something for
themselves! So with Get Active Online thriving plus trying to fit in my
flying work I’ve been just a little busy. I’ve been trying to get some
extra flying work so that we can truly live it up on our upcoming
holiday to thailand (we are off in less than 2 weeks). So only yesterday
I was sitting in the office waiting to find out whether I had landed
some extra work. Finally at 3pm they called and said I had a 2 day trip
starting tomorrow, which was great but meant I had to get the last
flight out of Mackay and fly up to Cairns to start work at 9am this
morning! So it was a mad dash to get packed and jump in a cab to the
airport! I made it to Cairns which is always a relief and managed to get
up early this morning to hit the gym before flying out! I actually had a
great gym session and did something a bit different, incline jogging
(geez did I work up a sweat!). Anyway tonight I’m in Canberra and should
really be getting to bed as I have to get up at about 4:15am, yuck! So
as you can imagine I’m counting down the days until holidays. I’m
looking forward to reading, sitting by the pool and enjoying some yummy
thai food! Plus I just love holidays as I always come back super
motivated! Anyway better shut down for the night, don’t want to look too
haggard tomorrow morning.

Have a great day! Hilds

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