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For the last few days I’ve had a cold and forced myself to rest! I always
tell others to rest up when they’re sick so I thought I’d better take a
bit of my own advice (it’s hard!!!).

I think after a week of being stuck on the aircraft and in
airconditioning I just picked up a bug, nothing serious and hopefully
I’ll be back into some training tomorrow. I’m tempted to go for a walk
up my favourite hill this arvo but I’ll see how I go. It’s only been two
days without exercise and it feels like weeks. It’s really hard as well
as I’m up in Cairns and have heaps of time to go to the gym and for
lots of walks/runs and the weather is just gorgeous but instead I’m
sitting on my butt doing not much at all (very frustrating!).

Anyway on a positive note at least I’ll be fully rested and ready to go as soon as I’m feeling 100% again.

Also I must update you on my coffee, artificial sweetner detox. So
far it’s been over a week and not one coffee or added sweetner, I have
had about two protein shakes and a protein bar but other than that all
good “real” food. I’m actually feeling pretty good for it (besides the
cold) and not really missing the coffee. Although yesterday was a bit
tough as I had to get up for work at 3:15am and could smell the fresh
coffee all through the office (although I have always liked the smell a
bit more than the taste anyway!). Getting up early again yesterday with
not much sleep also reminded me just how important sleep is. By the end
of yesterday I was craving sweets so badly but I knew it was just my
bodies way of saying I needed sleep. So sleep I did, a big 10 hours last
night (think I needed it!)

So not much going on with me today! I’ve had to put my pushup
challenge on hold but I’ll tell you a bit more about that next time.

Hope everyone is fit and healthy and having a great day!


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