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Well I’ve been thinking that I needed to clean up my diet a bit! Not that I
eat crap but just a few too many additivies and artificial sweetners and
they just seem to be in everything we eat! So since my body isn’t
responding as well as it should to my training and nutrition I thought I
needed to get back to basics. So I’ll be eating mainly “whole foods” or
natural foods! Not that I include a lot of crap but when I’m travelling
but I have the occassionally protein bar and more protein shakes than
normal, but I think my biggest problem is the amount of coffee’s I have!
At the moment I’m having about 3 a day which isn’t excessive but it’s
the added splenda that goes with it that bothers me. So from today
coffee and diet soda is gone for a couple of weeks plus anything with
artificial stuff in it. I want to give it a full 2 weeks to see if I
notice a difference in how my body functions and feels and then I might
introduce the occassional coffee back in. Also chewing gum has gone and
I’m rationed back to just a few mints a day (I still need fresh breath
when I’m working!).

So I’m up in Cairns today and managed to go for a nice run along the
Esplanade this morning followed by a walk up the Red Arrow with a
friend. So I’m absolutly shattered now and think I might need a little
nana nap before flying out this afternoon.

I’ll keep you updated on how I go and how long it takes me to turn
into little miss Cranky Pants!!!! (no coffee, gum or Pepsi Max might be a
bit of a shock to the system!).

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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