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SETTING NEW GOALS!Well I know the year is already moving along quickly but I felt the need to
set myself some new challenges. After a rocky start to the year I’m
feeling very positive and ready for a challenge! I seem to work best
when I have something to work towards and my life is a little crazy.
It’s quite strange really as the more time I have on my hands the less I
seem to get done.

So I’ve been thinking that I would like to give the September Comps a
go! I know, I’m crazy but the thought of such a scary and daunting
challenge excites me so much (well scares me to death really but that’s
half the fun!). I think sometime we need to set goals that scare us a
little otherwise it wouldn’t really be much of a challenge. So since
babies are of the cards for a while now I thought this would be my year
to really see where I can get myself physically! So I’ve got a bit of
time to get everything sorted and devise a plan of attack. For now I’m
just focussing on really moving forward with my weight training and also
getting the body fat down a bit so I can actually start comp prep in a
good place rather than struggling from day 1! So I’ve got myself an
accountability buddy who is going to be watching over me the next couple
of months to make sure I’m staying on track. It’s strange as I know
what needs to be done and have put my own plan in place but I really
work best when I am held accountable, so the lovely Lynne will be on to
me to make sure I’m making progress. Also watch out for some great pics
of Lynne coming up as she has nearly finished her very own 12 week
challenge, only 2 weeks to go Lynne! I will be enlisting the services of
a trusty trainer (hopefully my favourite but not sure if she’s all
booked up yet!)to take me through comp prep as I know I get the best
results when I have a trainer!

So anyway that’s the plan! I’m already a bit excited at the thought of it all, crazy!

Hope everyone is well!

Cheers, Hilds

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