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MY FAVOURITE HEALTHY FOODS! Mmmmmmm Oats! Yeah, I know that doesn’t sound exciting but seriously my
chocolate oats are one of my all time favourite meals. This morning I
got up early to do my favourite SPIN class and by the end of the class
all I could think about was getting home so I could eat my Chocolate
Oats, and geez they tasted good!

I think it is important if you really want to change your lifestyle
for good to find some healthy meals that you actually like. When trying
to lose fat too many people just eat what they are told although not
really enjoying any of it. All the time thinking that they can’t wait to
go back to “normal” and stop the silly diet! Seriously that way of
thinking won’t get you anywhere, sure you might lose a few kilos while
sticking to a diet but if you haven’t changed any of your habits you
will simply put it all back on when you go back to eating “normally”.

The key is to develp new habits, find healthy foods you like and
make them the majority of your diet (change your normal). Sure we all
crave some junk every now and then. I have a bit of a weakness for
chocolate but i save this as an occassional food. If I ate chocolate all
the time I wouldn’t have any hope of reaching my goals plus when I have
indulged too often it just doesn’t taste as good. I think you really
enjoy your treats more when they are just that “treats”. If you are
eating junk all day, every day it simply doesn’t taste that great and
you’ll notice your mood and energy levels hit the floor fast.

So I’ve found a way of eating healthy that I love! Yes, it takes
time but it can be done if you are willing to try some new things and
change some of your habits!

My favourite breakfast is obviously my Chocolate Oats –

1/2 Cup Natural Oats

1 Serve of Evolve Slow Whey Protein Powder

I mix up my oats with about a cup of water and microwave for 2
minutes. Let cool slightly and add in the protein powder. Tip – Don’t
add the protein powder while oats are still really hot as the protein
powder goes funny!

– You should see the strange looks I get when I make this up on the
aircraft (obviously without the microwave), I think some people think
I’m eating it because I have to!

Snacks – Well I have lots of snacks I like but a couple of favourites would be.

Pink Lady Apple & Cottage Cheese

1/2 Cup Low fat Creamed Cottage Cheese, mixed with some Queens Sugar
Free Maple Syrup or Diet Jam. I then slice up the apple and dip it in
my cottage cheese mix! (great for those afternoon sweet cravings)

Almonds & Chicken – I know it sounds boring but I really enjoy
having some Almonds with some sliced chicken. I cook it up in my George
Forman Grill (couldn’t live without this!) with some Tuscan or Moroccan
seasoning. This snack is great for when I’m flying!

Protein Pancakes – Now I’m not sure if this is my favourite or Cam’s!

1/2 Cup Oats

1/4 Cup Egg Whites

1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese

Vanilla Essence, 1 satchet splenda

I blend everything together and cook  in a lightly sprayed pancake
pan, brown on one side and then flip. Top with some sugar free maple

Tip – You can buy frozen egg whites in cartons. You defrost them in
the fridge and they last for about a week. They are also great for
making egg white omlettes and a lot easier than cracking all of those

For lunch I’m pretty simple and just love my Tuna Salad, but I can’t have it without my baby spinach leaves!

For dinner I’d have to say Barramundi and Salmon would be my all
time favourites although really enjoying the marinated kangaroo lately
as well!

So anyway I could go on forever about food, as you can tell i just
love it although have learnt to find healthy things I can eat all the

If you spend a bit of time experimenting and trying new foods
eventually you will find a healthy eating plan that doesn’t even feel
like your trying to be good.

Good luck and start experimenting!

If you have any great meal or snack ideas I’d love to hear them and I
can put them up here for everyone to try. Simply send me an email.

Have a great day!



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