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DAY 28

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Fantastic day, very active for a Sunday.

After waking up feeling a bit average after too much rich food the
night before I knew I had to do some exercise. As much as I didn’t feel
like it I know myself too well and knew that a good run (as hard as it
is after a few drinks the night before) would set me up for a good day!

So rain and all I headed out and came home 50 minutes later looking like a drowned rat but oh so much happier!

FOOD: Great day, although maybe not quite enough due to the extra
training, although I’m sure I had enough calories/carbs to keep me going
from the night before.


50 MIN JOG OUTSIDE: 8.5km burnt 468cals & got VERY WET.

SWIM – 10 laps, felt better than last time, still pretty average though.

WEIGHTS – Good but still missing the creatine, it should arrive today!

RPM – Wasn’t going to do this but felt like it after weigths, so did
a quick dash into town and did an awesome RPM class. (422 cals, weights
and rpm)

I had no intention of doing this much training but Cam and I have
enjoyed keeping a bit more active on the weekends lately and feel so
much better for it!

Exercising after a treat meal is the best thing you can do, you’ve
got more energy because of the extra food and you work harder knowing
that you’ve had lots of treats. It’s amazing though as quite often
people will do the least amount of exercise on the weekend although it’s
the time they tend to eat more and have more time!!!

WATER: No idea how much I had.


TREATS: 1 x Cappa

WOW, final week done!

Last week I was pretty happy with my nutrition and ended up fitting the following training in:

WEIGHTS X 4 (Yeah!)


RPM X 6 (Mmm think I might be addicted)


I’ve been doing a fair bit of training lately but I haven’t been
flying much and while I’ve got the time I might as well as I enjoy it!

So that’s it, 4 weeks done, I’ll do a seperate blog on how I’ve gone.

Cheers, Hilds

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