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DAY 11

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Great, feeling good and got lots of stuff done I’ve been putting off for ages!


Feeling pretty good, much better than I was just 11 days ago
although still feel like it takes forever for changes to really happen.
Cam keeps reminding me it’s only been 11 days, I KNOW, I’m just
impatient like everyone else. I’ve lost a HUGE 4cm of my measurments so
far, not much but 4 cm less than I was 11 days ago (see there is always a
positive spin!).

FOOD: Pretty good! I did swap a protein shake for a Jarrah Hot choc drink, not really the same but I really felt like it.


WEIGHTS: Did these when I had the dreaded 3:30itis and as usual after just 10 minutes I was feeling amazing.

HILL POWERWALK: Went up the Hill after my weights, no running just a good walk and loved it!

WATER: Lots.



Am realising how much EASIER it is when you don’t have to go away
flying!!! It’s so lovely having a routine and not having to juggle a
million things. I’m enjoying the time on the ground at the moment as I
know it won’t be for long.

Also I’ve been motivated to put the running shoes on again, although
this time for a 10km run! Details will be in the e-newsletter coming
out this weekend and on my Blog in the next few days.

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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