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FINDING WAYS TO MAKE THINGS WORKIt seems we can all come up with numerous excuses as to why it’s too hard
to change, although until we stop focussing on the EXCUSES and instead
focus on what we can do we will never make any changes.

Right now my life is completely different to how it was a year ago! I
now have a baby and gone are the days where I can do whatever I want
when I want. Instead my days revolve around a little baby wanting to be
fed, changed or put to bed (plus a bit of grizzling in between).  I’m at
the beck and call of a 3 week old! Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t have
it any other way and love little Braden more than I could ever imagine
although it’s hard work.

What I am learning is that to survive these early years I need to
focus on what I can do and making things work rather than what I can’t
do. I can’t get frustrated at a baby who simply wants attention. So each
day I’m learning to just be flexible and focus on making things work.
Some days are easier than others and I have really learnt to relax and
just go with the flow. So far I’ve managed to find a few things to help
keep me sane. For example this morning Braden woke early and instead of
getting annoyed I used the time to head into the gym. It turned out that
the little man was a champ and played on his matt all rugged up while I
hit the treadmill, then later today I had to get some work done
although the little man just didn’t seem to want to sleep, so I
discovered that he was content (for a little while) in the Babybjorn
while I typed away. So I could make excuses as to why it’s all too hard
and let my exercise and work take a back seat although by just being a
bit creative and focussing on what I can do it makes my life so much

So are you someone who finds any excuse not to make changes? Do you
use your work or family life as a reason not to exercise? If so, maybe
it’s time you started focussing on what you can do rather than why it’s
all too hard!

From now on I’ll be trying to make the most out of every day and
being the impatient person I am I’ve decided I can’t wait any longer and
will be starting my POST BABY BODY BLITZ tomorrow.

I managed to hit the treadill today and realised I’m ready to get
back into it. (I’m REALLY unfit but we all need to start somewhere).

So anyway I’ll update you tomorrow on my plan of attack!

I hope you’ve all had a great day.

Cheers, Hilds

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