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It actually feels like we’ve had little Braden forever but it’s only been 5
weeks. I must say I’m really enjoying being a Mum, for sure it’s tough
but as soon as he smiles it all seems worth it.

So how am I going?

Well I’m pretty happy to say that I’m right back into my exercise
and feeling pretty good. At first when I started back in the gym I felt a
bit down that I’d lost all my fitness although after just a couple of
weeks back into it I’m amazed at the improvements I’ve made. I’m already
back running my 5km’s and managing to do it in about 32minutes so far. I
even managed a 6km tempo jog this week so might have to start pushing
myself that bit more.

On Saturday I officially started my 12 Week Post Baby Blitz
Challenge and have been full steam ahead ever since (taking some photos
of yourself is very motivating!)

So I’m just aiming to do the best I can each day and trying to
establish a bit of a routine. I’m finding if I want to get my training
done then mornings are the best as I can normally get Braden to hang
with me in the gym for about 40 minutes before he either crashes out or
gets grumpy!

I’ve also discovered afternoon Pram walks are the way to go, it’s
good for both Mum and bubs as by that time of the day Braden is a bit
grizzly and I’m over it so we go for a 5km walk. It seems to shut Braden
up for a while plus I get a bit more exercise in and burn another
couple of hundred calories. The hardest thing is that weather is pretty
crappy up here this time of year so we can only go if it’s not raining
or way too hot.

Anyway at just 5 weeks post bubs I managed to do the following training:

2 x 5km jogs

1 x 6km Tempo jog

1 x Interval session on the treadmill

1 x 25 minute spin bike session.

2 x Powerwalks – 5km with Pram

4 x Weights

I hadn’t actually planned to do that much but just found I felt
heaps better when I trained in the morning, plus it kept Braden quiet
for a while.

The bonus is that I’ve lost over a kilo this week and am feeling so
much better. I’ll check all my measurements and weight again on Saturday
to see how I’m going with my 12 Week Challenge but so far so good!

Anyway time for the pram walk….

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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