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I’m back into it and feeling so much better already!

I couldn’t wait any longer and have decided my body is ready to hit the gym again.

For the last week or so I’ve been back eating really well although this week I also added in some exercise.

I’ve tried to start out slowly as I’ve lost alot of fitness and
strength. So after doing my Chest and Shoulders workout earlier in the
week I ended up with severe DOMS! I can’t remember the last time my
shoulders and chest were so sore which isn’t fantastic when you’re

I’ve also hit the treamill and finally had an opportunity to run on
it for the first time since buying it. When I say run it was kinda more
like a SLOW jog and for very short bursts. I can’t quite believe how
much my fitness has dropped although already I’m noticing it coming

My first session back on the treadmill was interesting to say the
least. I found that I could barely jog for 2 minute bursts and that I
was running at a speed that I would have considered way too slow before.
It’s reminded me that we all have to start somewhere and that if I keep
persisting it will get better. It was actually quite a funny workout as
I had to jog and hold my chest while doing so. My boobs have grown a
little bit (that’s an understatment) while being pregnant and especially
breastfeeding and the bra that I thought was supportive wasn’t so!
Anyway I’m just glad I train at home as it would have been a bit
interesting to watch if I’d been at the gym.

So I’ve gone out and bought a super supportive sports bra and
tackled the treadmill again today and noticed a big improvment already. I
could easily run for 5-6 minute blocks today and was back up to a more
respectable jogging speed. I’m thinking in a couple more weeks I should
be able to tackle a 5km without stopping.

So far in 3 weeks I’ve lost 12 of the 17kg I put on during
pregnancy. Now the hard work really begins as the closer I get to my
comfy place the harder it gets.

I’m also learning that I need to keep my sessions pretty short.
Today Braden managed to hang on his play matt for about 45 minutes which
was great but any longer and I think I’d be pushing it. It’s kind of
motivating actually as it pushes me to work harder as I know I’m limited
on time because as soon as he gets grizzly my session is over.

I was actually quite impressed with myself this morning as last
night the little man decided he wanted to stay awake from 1:30am to 4am
and so of course Mum was awake too. Although this morning I still hit
the gym as I knew if I left it to the afternoon it simply wouldn’t

So anyway all is going really well. My plan of attack for the next
few weeks is to continue to eat well, include 3 x weight training
sessions and 4 cardio sessions (1 x 5km, 1 x 4.5km, 1 x 4km and 1 x
interval session). I can do my sessions either on the treadmill or
outside and if I feel like I’m up to running I will otherwise I’ll
include some good hill/incline sessions. I’m not ready for the bike just
yet but HANGING OUT to go to my first spin class in a while.

Anyway that’s it from me. Have a fabulous weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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