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DAD, BRADEN AND MUM Well the year is well under way and it’s all a bit of a blur so far. We’ve
had visitors on and off for about a month now and it’s left me feeling a
bit exhausted. It’s been lovely having everyone around although Cam and
I are both hanging to get back into some sort of routine and just lay
low for a while.

I’ve been a Mum for about 2 weeks now and I must say I’m loving it.
Braden, is a little champ and so far pretty good. He is a feeding
machine though and last week put on 1/2 a kilo which is quite a bit for a
little bubs. Although he’s pretty tall at 57 1/2 cm’s so he’s got a bit
of filling out to do.

So now that the New Year has started and visitors have gone it’s
time to focus a bit more on me and getting myself feeling great. I’ve
learnt that if I want to survive the lack of sleep that my eating is
going to play a bit role and I’m actually craving eating well right now.
I actually haven’t been that hungry lately although I think that having
a baby you just tend to put yourself last and forget about meals. Some
days it’s been around 11 before I’ve had breakfast or a chance to think
about me. So anyway starting today the focus is on eating well and
easing back into things.

I’m still not allowed to exercise properly and will be on
antibiotics for another week. Not training is a bit of a challnege for
me as I’m hanging to get back into things. Although I know that I will
only end up out of action for longer if I try and do too much too soon.

So for the next 2 weeks my focus is:

– Eating REALLY well. Incluinding 5-6 small regular meals a day and cutting out any sweets.

– Drinking at least 3L of water per day.

– Including a nice pram walk  or maybe some light weights (I will try and be really easy on myself).

– Getting to bed EARLY! If I go to bed before about 9:30 I seem to cope so much better the next day.

– To lose another 2-3 kilos. So far I’ve lost about 10kg and so I’ve got about another 7-8kg before I reach my comfy place!

Anyway that’s it from me. I’ll update soon and let you know how it’s all going.

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2011 and getting back into the exercise and eating well.

Cheers, Hilds

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