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HAPPY NEW YEARS I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and is all ready for a great 2011!

The last part of 2010 has been a bit of a blur for me. Having a new
bubs in the house doesn’t leave much time for normal daily tasks. I can
spend hours just gazing at little Braden and before I know it the day is
nearly gone.

We didn’t actually see the new year in last night as I was a little
tired and piked out about 11:30 as I knew a night of getting up and
feeding would be waiting for me. I haven’t actually minded the night
feeds too much although as we have visitors this week our days have been
busy so by night time I’m a bit more tired than usual. Braden has been a
little champ and at just one week old has already had numerous outings
and even went to his first party last night! He’s generally pretty happy
as long as he gets fed, regular nappy changes and has a big snooze at
night. He doesn’t seem to sleep much during the day although I can cope
with that if it means he will sleep more at night.

So anyway enough about the little man, I’m pretty excited about 2011
and have lots of things planned. This year I want to enjoy as much time
with Cam and our little man as possible and just enjoy some holidays
and more relaxing time. I also have the big task of getting my body back
which should be a challenge in itself. I ended up putting on about 17kg
during pregnancy which 10 are already gone although there is still a
good 7 or 8 to go until I’ll be back in my comfy place. Right now I’m
just trying to eat well and recover. I can’t exercise yet due to labour
and some ongoing issues, although I’m hoping that in another week or two
I’ll be back into it. It is a bit frustrating as I’m ready to go but I
know if I start to quickly I’ll take forever to heal and it’s just not
worth it. So right now I’m going to enjoy the time I have with my family
visiting and just try and get back to normal asap.

So until the 6th I’ll be just trying to be as good as I can and
enjoy lots of outings with the family without going overboard although
after that I’ll be getting stuck back into things and will update you
with some weekly goals.

Anyway time to go, off for dinner again and have to get myself and
the little man organised (it takes a bit longer to get out of the house
than usual).

I hope you like the pic, it was taken today of Braden chilling out on Dad’s lap.

Have a great New Years!

Love, Hilds

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