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READY TO POP!I’m still here, just WAITING!!! I’m VERY ready to have this bubs now
although he doesn’t seem to keen to come out. I’m so hoping I don’t go
too far over my due date as it might mean I’ll be in hospital for

Looking back the last few weeks have gone pretty quickly although I remember at the time it hasn’t felt like it.

I’ve still been managing a bit of exercise, not much but a bit.

WEEK 37 – Spin Bike Session and Hill walk & mowed the lawns

WEEK 38 – 2 x Small Hill Walks (3.5km), 1 x Big Hill Walk (5.3km), 1 x Spin Bike Session

So far this week I’ve just done 25 minutes on the treadmill and
mowed the lawns, mainly because I’m trying to get him to come not so
much for the sake of doing exercise, he, he.

Today I’m actually feeling a bit tired after my big shopping and
lawn mowing adventure yesterday. (I’m sure I would have looked quite
funny pushing the mower around yesterday, a big fat sweaty pregnant

Every day I secretly hope that today is the day although as the days
pass I’m starting to think he’ll never come out! It’s also getting
annoying as EVERYONE keeps asking if anything has happened.

I’m trying to organise my older sister to come up for the birth
which is a bit tricky as she lives in Adelaide and I live in Cairns.
Each day now we check the flights to see when you could come up. She was
tempted to come up now although she could come up and stay for a week
and nothing will happen so we’ll just keep seeing how it goes each day.

I’m also hoping that bubs arrives before Cam’s parents arrive as
they have made a special trip to come up just to see bubs and there is a
chance he might not even be here! Anyway there’s not too much I can do
about it right now, just keep WAITING!

Overall I’m feeling ok, just very large and quite swollen now. By
the end of the day I have some serious cankles going on and a rather
amusing waddle. I’ve weighed myself and have put on about 16kg, it’s a
bit more than I would have liked although I know it will come off with a
bit of hard work afterwards. I honestly don’t think I could have got
away with too much less unless I’d been pretty strict all pregnancy, so
overall ok with it.

Work is the one thing keeping me sane right now and I’ve never been
so efficient. Every day I make sure everything is completely up to date
and new programs are done straight away just in case I end up in labour.

It’s quite strange to think that I could have bubs now and in
another 2 days we would be home with a new baby in the house. As I’m
going through the public hospital if all goes well you generally only
stay 2 nights. At first this freaked me out a bit but I’m sure we’ll be
keen to get bubs home and start learning what to do, he, he.

So that’s me at the moment, working and waiting!!!

I hope everyone else is going great.

Luv, Hilds

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