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WEEK 34, 35, 36

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WEEK 34, 35, 36Geez, it’s scary how fast the weeks are going. Another 3 ½ weeks down and
I’ve only got 19 more days until bubs is due (although really hoping he
decides to come out a bit early).

Looking back the last few weeks have flown by. I’ve been madly
trying to get all the business stuff up to date and make sure Cam’s on
top of it all so he can help out more once bubs is due, along with my
cleaning the weeks are going rather fast (which is good!)

For anyone who thinks that nesting is a myth, I’m here to tell you
it’s not! I’m been a cleaning freak the last few weeks and I don’t even
like cleaning. I thought I was over it and everything was done but
yesterday the urge took me again and as exhausted as I was I had to oil
the deck and clean the bathroom AGAIN! I really hope this bubs arrives
soon as I’m sick of cleaning and REALLY starting to find daily tasks a
bit hard now.

For the last few weeks my exercise has been a bit pathetic. I’ve
managed a full body workout each week and either a session on the spin
bike or a walk up the hill. This week has been a bit better and I’ve
already done a good hill walk and spin bike session so I know I can
surely fit a couple more things in before the week is up. It’s been hard
for me as I’m so used to pushing myself with my training that a stroll
on the flat streets doesn’t seem to cut it although right now it would
be better than nothing.  I’m also finding that my body isn’t recovering
too well after doing some form of exercise, I end up waddling around for
the rest of the day and looking a bit odd! I’ve also noticed my spin
shoes barely fit right now as my feet have swollen and obviously a lot

My nutrition is a bit hit and miss at the moment as well. Some days
its great and other days I’m just over it and end up including a nice
sweet treat. I’m starting to get very curious as to how my body will
respond after bubs is born. It seems some people lose fat really quickly
and others struggle. I’m preparing myself that it will take quite a few
months before I’m really comfy again and back in my normal clothes
again. I know it will take some hard work but I’m strangely excited
about it. I’m actually training a couple of new mums at the moment and
they are quite inspiring and getting some great results which reminds
you again that it is possible but I just need to make sure I make things

I’m on the countdown now and ready for the next step and so excited
about meeting out little man. He’s moving around a fair bit or maybe
it’s just that he’s heaps bigger and I can REALLY feel it when he moves.
He also gets hiccups a few times a day which is quite entertaining, I
kinda feel sorry for him but everyone says that babies aren’t bothered
by hiccups (I just know I hate them!). I keep hearing everyone tell me
to enjoy the rest but honestly I’m not getting much. I’m sure bubs has
me in training as the most I can sleep without either getting up to go
to the loo or just trying to get comfy is 2 hours in a row. I suppose I
better get used to it as gone are the days of sleeping through the night
and waking up feeling great!

So with 19 days to go I’m feeling rather large and uncomfortable but
hey that’s what happens when you have a bubs growing inside of you.
It’s quite amazing and I’m still in shock that in a few weeks we will be
have a baby!

I’ll be back soon with a special offer that we have in place for New
Years! (I’ll be doing it along with anyone else that decides to jump on

Have a great day!

Cheers, Hilds

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