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WEEK 32 & 33

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34 WEEKS Only 6 weeks to go & I’m feeling pretty good at the moment. I’ve
finished working for Qantas and for the first time in a VERY long time
can just enjoy working on Get Active and not trying to do a million
other things at once. This is actually my first week at home and I’m not
too good at the whole relaxing thing. I still like having a routine and
get up when Cam’s is up and get stuck into any Online work until about
lunch and then I continue my cleaning/nesting craziness and then back on
the computer in the arvo to finish off any more emails.

I think I’m actually enjoying the later stages of pregnancy more
than I have at any other stage. I suppose I feel & look really
pregnant now and am pretty excited about knowing bubs isn’t too far

FOOD: Pretty good over the past couple of weeks. I actually don’t
seem as hungry now as I did earlier and am enjoying eating pretty simple
things. I did over do the chocolate a bit on the weekend though as we
bought some goodies for any trick or treaters although no one ever came
around so Cam and I ate most of it!!!

TRAINING: Still exercising and last week even managed to do a bit
more as I was in a good routine. I suppose the big difference was that I
got up early and did my training regardless of what thoughts were
running through my head. (It’s so easy to justify being lazy when you’re
pregnant as everyone expects you to do nothing!)

WEEK 32 – 1 x Full Body Workout, 1 x Hill walk, 1 x 40 minute spin bike session

WEEK 33 – 3 x Full Body Workout, 2 x Hill Walks and 1 x 35 minute spin bike session.

I’m enjoying my full body workout as it’s a bit of cardio as well as
some weights. Obviously right now I’m not doing really heavy weights so
focussing on higher repetitions and less rest.

My Preggy Full Body Routine:

5 minutes on the Treadmill, varying incline




TRICEP PUSHDOWN X 20 (this is a bit tricky with the belly at times)






SWISS BALL WALL SIT – 1 MINUTE (this hurts and I struggle to do a minute)

BOXING – 20 FRONT PUNCHES, 20 SIDE PUNCHES, 20 UPPER CUTS followed by various other combos.

I do all the above exercises with no rest in between (I do stop
occasionally if I feel myself getting too puffed and have water breaks
in between).

Then I rest for 1-2 minutes and do the whole thing again. It takes me about 40 minutes and I burn about 350-400 calories.

So last week was great and I enjoyed all my training although this
week has started off a bit slow and I’m feeling rather exhausted. I’m
trying to listen to my body and rest if I need it but hoping the energy
picks up a bit as I do love my training!

MOOD: Great, getting a bit excited now as the weeks get less and
less. It is hard knowing that it’s just a waiting game now and he could
arrive at any stage. I’m looking forward to being a Mum although at the
same time a bit scared about how much things will change but I think the
excitement outweighs the nervousness. I’m not really stressing about
the whole labour thing as I don’t really see the point of getting worked
up over something I have to do. I know it will be the hardest thing
I’ve ever done and stressing over it now isn’t going to help. I think I
have LOTS (maybe too much info) on the whole birthing process so now
it’s just a matter of seeing what actually happens as you can have the
best plans in the world although when it comes to labour anything can
happen and I feel it’s best not to have too many ideas of how you want
or think things should go. Ultimately I just want healthy bubs so
however is the best way for this to happen, I’m happy to go with it.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: I’m noticing big variations in my energy levels.
Some days I can train and clean all day and others I’m struggling just
to stay awake. My belly seems to have dropped a bit now and is really
putting pressure on my bladder which make going for any long walks
challenging or just being away from a toilet for too long, he, he. I’ve
also noticed a lot more of the Braxton Hicks contractionS & my belly
button is right out there (I hope it goes back in again!). My weight
gain isn’t moving too much and I’m sitting around 13kg so far, plus the
big bonus is that no stretch marks or various veins which is always a
good thing.

Anyway another 2 weeks down and still feeling good!

I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks to Loz and Kim for
dropping by the blog, it’s nice to know people are out there and
listening to my rambling.

Luv, Hilds

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