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WEEK 30 & 31

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ChloeWho hoo, only 8 weeks to go and I must say I’m counting them down &
getting very excited. Not long and I’ll have a new member of the family
along with the rest of the family visiting Cairns. Even little Chloe is
coming up to visit her new Cousin.

I’m feeling rather large and slow lately and it’s all a bit of a
struggle. It’s funny actually as most people who know me thought that i
wouldn’t love being pregnant and I’d have to agree. I absolutely LOVE
knowing I’m having a baby and feel so lucky to be pregnant and  LOVE
feeling him move but I’m not loving all the things that go with being
pregnant. I realise it’s part of the process but I’m just hanging to
have my body back again. I suppose for me I’m just struggling a bit with
how slow I am and how hard my normal tasks are.

Last week i ordered all my mulch for a big garden bed we’ve been
fixing up and after 3 hours of putting it all down I was unable to walk
properly the next day. It’s like all my ligments have given way and that
night I was limping on my right leg and just couldn’t walk properly, so
frustrating as I didn’t think I’d over done it!

Anyway I am pretty lucky that I’ve had no real complaints so far just getting big and waddling a bit!

I’ve now just got 2 weeks of being in the airport office and I’m in
count down mode. I’m hanging out to finish up now and getting really

FOOD: Over the past couple of weeks my eating has been pretty good,
still having a few treats on the weekend but most of the time pretty
good. It’s strange though as I still seem to be gaining weight at a
rapid rate and I don’t feel like I’ve been eating too much overall. I’m
trying not to stress about the scale and just foucssing on eating well
but it is hard seeing those number jump up. I think I’ve gained about
12-13 kilos so far but this can change daily (god knows why anyone would
weigh themselves daily as the scale seems to move dramatically!)

TRAINING: I’m still exercising but not half as much as I “think” I
should be or used to doing but I suppose at least I’m doing something.

WEEK 30 – 1 x Full Body Workout, 1 x Hill walk, 1 x 45 minute spin bike session

WEEK 31 – 2 x Full Body Workout, 1 x 35 minute spin bike session.

I’ve averaged 3 sessions a week and this week hoping for a bit more.
The main problem I’ve been finding is that I don’t recover too well
after some sessions. I get really sore in the legs which might be due to
the ligaments loosening, plus on a few days after being in the office
I’m just too tired and opt for rest rather than training. My full body
workouts have been good as I do a mixture of weights, spin bike and
boxing and it really is a great overall workout. I’ve also been enjoying
the spin bike and training in the air-conditioning instead of outside.

MOOD: Overall pretty good although some days get a bit down as I’m
struggling to find clothes to wear and just don’t feel that nice. I’m
just trying to make do with what maternity clothes I’ve got now as it
seems like a bit of a waste to start buying things now that i won’t be
wearing for too long. It’s amazing right now as my belly seems to grow
quite dramatically and clothes that were baggy a week ago are a struggle
to fit into this week.

PHYSICAL CHANGES: Getting really big, belly growing dramatically. So
far I’m lucky enough to have no stretch marks and hoping it continues
this way. I do use lots of bio oil but don’t really know if it does
anything but it makes me feel good. I’ve also noticed a slight bit of
swelling going on. On some days my feet and even fingers will get a bit
swollen, so I’ve decided to remove the wedding rings in case I really do
swell up and can’t get them off. Also my ligaments are definitely
loosening and I’m noticing it more and more as the weeks go on.

So that’s me for another 2 weeks. Not long to go and I’ll be at home
in my office and enjoying just working on Get Active and organising
myself and the house for bubs arrival.

I hope everyone is going well.

Cheers, Hilds

WEEK 30 & 31

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