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WEEK 26 & 27

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Week 28Wow, another 2 weeks down and only 12 WEEKS TO GO!!!

The last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy for me (be careful what you
wish for, I wanted to be busy and have gone from one extreme to the
other!). Last week I was away for 5 out of 7 days and this week I’ve
been away for 3 out of 7 days.  Thank god this is MY LAST trip as I’m
just finding it a bit draining and looking forward to not stepping on an
aircraft for quite some time!

Week 26 saw me fly to Brissie for the day to catch up with my older
sister Lucy who was there for the day. It was so good to catch up and
was worth the effort(exhausting but lovely). Then just a day after
getting back I was off on a 5 day trip around the countryside. The good
thing was I got to see my family in Adelaide on the last day, my sister
Sarah along with bubs Chloe and my Mum and Dad all came down to hang out
in my hotel room.

I still managed to fit in some training while I was away and tried
to take as much good food as I could. I did find that my nutrition was a
bit average overall as most of the time I was either on the aircraft or
in my hotel room and it just came down to what was easy (plus I’ve been
a bit of a chocolate monster lately, I’m trying to cut it out as it was
creeping in a bit too often!).

Week 27 started out well, returning home late Monday night from my 5
day trip knowing I had a few days off at home which was lovely. I’ve
been TRYING to take everyone’s advice and relax while I can although I’m
still not great at it and always find myself trying to do too much.  As
Friday came and I was looking forward to chilling out at home and
getting stuck into the garden I was called out for another trip,
ARGHH!!!!!! Just when I thought there would be no more flying I was off
again for my final trip. Anyway the good news is, is that I CAN’T fly
after this as I’m not allowed (to work anyway) so from Monday I’ll be in
the office a few days a week instead of flying.

I’m REALLY looking forward to having a routine.  I sometimes wish I
was someone who had a set routine each week as it makes eating well and
exercising SO MUCH easier, although I know I love the craziness of my
life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

So bubs is 12 weeks away and I’m hanging out to meet the little man.
I’m starting to get super excited now and have nearly got everything
organised. I received my pram, bassinet and car seat last week so really
just have a few little bits to finalise and everything is ready for
bubs to arrive home. I know the next 6 weeks are going to fly as I’ll
still be working two jobs and then I can enjoy chilling out at home and
just doing Get Active Online. It’s going to be SOOO good just to focus
on the one thing and I’m actually really looking forward to it once bubs
arrives too. I’m glad I’ve got something I can do from home which gets
me away from dirty nappies and feeding for a few hours each day.

I’ve had clients ask what will be happening when bubs arrives and
there is no need to worry as Cam will just be helping out a bit more
when bubs arrives but I’ll still be here and am actually looking forward
to another outlet rather than baby poo and vomit!

We also have a host of visitors arriving soon after bubs comes. I
have banned anyone from being in the house for a good 5 days after we
get home from hospital as I want a few days for Cam and I just to get to
know our little man by ourselves. Although after that I’m looking
forward to having a hand. My family are all coming up after Christmas
and my Mum has made it clear that she is more than keen to be the master
baby holder when she’s up here. It will actually be the first time my
whole family will have visited Cairns all at the same time and I’m
really excited.  Cam’s parents are also coming up although just not sure
if bubs will be here yet, it just depends when he decides he’s ready to
come out. I know Cam will enjoy the support of them being here anyway
as I’m sure I will be well and truly over it all if bubs hasn’t arrived
by then.

It’s funny as I’m obviously pregnant now people seem to be
commenting on how big bubs will be. I’ve had strangers walk pass at the
airport and just yell out numbers. It seems people think I’m having a
BIG baby, I must look huge or something!!! (I’ll put a pic up when I get
home tomorrow)

At the moment I don’t really mind, I just want bubs to be healthy
and make sure he stays where he is for a few more weeks and concentrates
on getting fatter. I know I’m getting fatter but most of that is me,
not bubs. I haven’t weighed myself for a couple of weeks as it was
starting to get a bit depressing. Right now I’m just focussing on
fitting in my regular exercise and trying to eat the best I can. It will
be ALOT easier now as I won’t be flying and will actually have a
routine, yeah!!!

I know I’ll have some fat to lose after bubs arrives although it
will be a small price to pay for a healthy baby. I love a challenge
anyway and have already written and printed out my Post Baby Blitz plan
and will be buying my treadmill in the next couple of weeks. I’ve tried
to be realistic and know that time to exercise is going to be sparse and
I just need to keep things simple and not put too much pressure on
myself. I know I’ll have a good few weeks after bubs arrives just
adjusting to being a Mum, recovering from Birth and just trying to cope
with having no sleep and dealing with a baby 24/7. I’m going to wait and
see what happens before I set any goals or plans for when to start
getting back into things. I think putting too much pressure on myself
will only lead to frustration and disappointment so number one focus is
to enjoy my new little man and just do what I can each day!


Walk Southbank Brissie – About 60 minutes

Walk Canberra Lake – 1:20 minutes

Hill (home) – 55 minutes

2 x Cardio sessions in CBR gym – 40 minutes (treadmill incline and stepper)

1 x RPM class

1 x Weight session


3 X HILL WALKS (55 minutes each)


1 x Weight session.

Had planned to hit the gym in Canberra this morning although just
discovered I didn’t pack my exercise pants. Not surprising really as I
wasn’t functioning too well when I got up at 3:30am yesterday! Anyway I
think another lazy day won’t do me any harm since I’ll be flying until
11pm tonight! (geez that’s going to kill me!)

So this week has been a bit slack but I have been feeling pretty
exhausted and didn’t want to force myself to train if I honestly wasn’t
up to it. I have decided to stop rpm classes as after my last one I just
didn’t enjoy it as much as it’s starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I
also find I get just as good workout from walking up my hill and enjoy
getting outside more at the moment rather than being stuck inside (might
as well enjoy being outside while I can as once bubs arrives the
treadmill is going to be my main option. It will be wet season and SO
HOT OUTSIDE to even walk with the pram!)

As of tomorrow I will be in the office so now I can get into a
routine and am planning to walk every morning before work (except for
tomorrow as I’ll be struggling just to get up after getting home at
about 11:30). I would also like to see a few more regular weight
sessions included as I do love the feeling I get from weights and want
to keep up some sort of routine for as long as I can.

Mood wise, i’ve been great. I’ve been benefiting immensely from
implementing a few changes over the past few weeks. I’ve learnt that I
need to plan in some form of activity each day which makes me happy. It
might be some exercise, getting out in the sun, reading a book or
catching up with friends. I’ve stop feeling guilty about doing some
enjoyable activities and doing something that makes me happy each day
makes a HUGE difference. I also know that when I eat well, don’t let too
many sweets creep in and exercise I feel so much better.

Anyway time for me to get motivated and either get outside for some
fresh air or get organised and buy some healthy food for my trip home!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Cheers, Hilds

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